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It is so hard to choose just one fond memory from my time at Prem!  Every moment on that campus was absolutely magical. There is, however, a very simple moment that stands out to me because it embodied Prem's spirit.  It was after school and I was walking back to the senior school with a friend from boarding when we came across a tiny kitten who looked wet, scared, and in need of some help.  We scooped the baby up and brought it to a teacher who instructed us to go to the farm.  When we arrived, we asked if we could have some goat's milk to give the kitten.  "Of course, you can!"  We sighed a collective sigh of relief.  "But you'll have to get it yourself! I'll show you how, come on!" With the kitten in tow, we made our way over to the goats and were taught how to milk a goat and in doing so, saved a kitten!  

To me, that is the epitome of Prem--learning by doing in some of the most extraordinary scenarios, on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.  I tell this story to friends and family often when they ask me what it was like to attend Prem.
Chris Clarici, Class of 2014, Research Associate Environmental Nuclear Policy and Advocacy 

Celebrating with my family and friends the end of a journey of hard work and heading out into the real world was a fond and memorable experience for me. 

Prem really helped me to be independent and to think, critically, for myself when the situation called for it. There were definitely a lot of moments at Prem that taught me to take the necessary risks, even though it seemed challenging at the time, but when I finally did it, the end results were incredibly rewarding. I took many invaluable skills and experiences from Prem that have benefited me through the different stages of my life after Prem. 

Tonn's great love was cooking, and now he and his wife, Mae, have their own business in the food industry.
Anond Kongsiri Class of 2008, Archeologist and Culinary School 

I was a boarder at Prem. When I graduated I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. I am a social worker and a certified counsellor currently working at a public benefit organisation in Bhutan.

I was recently in Chiang Mai and of course I had to go back to Prem! It didn’t seem possible that I  had been away for nearly 12 years. Once I sat down with Linda Buck, Director of Boarding, we had so many memories of people and events to share. One of my memories is of all of the great weekend activities in boarding. That weekend there was a boarding excursion to local gardens and a restaurant, so I got back on the bus one more time for a ‘boarding outing’. I also knew one of the new G11 Bhutanese students, so it was special to see her and catch up. Prem was definitely my home away from home and it was wonderful to be back for a visit. Legzem, Class of 2011, Social Worker & Certified Counsellor

I have so many good memories which I cherish! If I had to choose one, it would probably be enjoying the greenery on campus and going to the library after classes to look for books to borrow! I also loved just sitting in the library enjoying the silence and admiring the nature outside!

Prem definitely helped me prepare for my time at university — especially in regards to how to structure my essays. Being so used to writing those at Prem and learning ways I could express myself in writing helped me tremendously in finishing my dissertation as well (which earned me a First Class grade)! 

Prem not only helped me academically, but also socially to become a much more open-minded, understanding, and social person! The after school Exploria gave me experiences in meeting new people, making friends, and honestly was just so much fun! I would not have had the courage to study a Theatre degree at university if not for Prem giving me a chance to experience Drama classes and inspiring me to become an actor!

I am so delighted to share the news that the movie I’ve starred in as ‘Ruth’ in ‘How to Kill Monsters’ will have its first World Premiere in London!
June Phatnaree Tiamatakorn, Class of 2019, Actor and Model

During my 8 years at Prem, I had the opportunity to play all kinds of team sports and represent the school for U13, U16 and U20 teams. I loved playing in all the seasonal sports teams and making strong connections there with fellow students. The community we built playing together was character building, something I really valued growing up! A fond memory is getting to travel to Bangkok to play Volleyball for the U20 tournament and our team really embracing the challenge! 

The international community at Prem and the wonderfully diverse students from all over the world shaped me to be more open minded, loving and influenced me to travel and learn more about world cultures. Having an international schooling background has given me a global citizenship outlook on life and I carry this forward with me in my work and lifestyle.  
Gina Bourne, Class of 2010, Business Owner

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