DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL amid the breathtaking natural beauty of one of the world's most beautiful campuses! Whether you're seeking a day or boarding school experience for short-term enrichment or a transformative educational journey, unlock the doors to endless possibilities at Prem by navigating our website. Better yet, join us for a tour of our expansive 100-acre oasis nestled in the enchanting foothills north of Chiang Mai – where academic excellence harmonises seamlessly with the wonders of nature.

Just as families thrive on strong values, so does Prem. Our unwavering commitment revolves around cultivating an educational environment that highlights joy, personalization, and learning through the comprehensive framework of all four International Baccalaureate Programmes. Embracing creativity, compassion, integrity, open-mindedness, and critical thinking lies at the heart of our ethos. Explore the essence of our distinctive culture and values by clicking here.

Embark on an exploratory journey by clicking on the images below, and delve deeper into the educational experiences that await you at Prem. Your path to academic excellence and personal growth starts here! Find yourself at Prem! 

Prem Clean AIR


The Safest Indoor Air Quality 
For Your Child!

Prem takes pride in being one of the first schools in Chiang Mai to invest in cutting-edge technologies to create a healthier learning environment for our school community. Our commitment to excellence and prioritising the well-being of our students, faculty and staff is evident through achieving indoor air quality levels comparable to some of the cleanest cities globally. 

Topping the Best International Standards 


(Near) Zero AQI
Meeting WHO PM 2.5 Targets

Prem’s CleanFlow positive pressure system sets the standard for international schools globally. CleanFlow adheres to the strictest international air quality standards recommended by the CDC and WHO, particularly meeting PM2.5 targets. This system boasts various health benefits, enhancing the overall well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. Learn more.

Creative director at Prem International School, Chiang Mai speaking with students  in the Art House about the importance of creativity in education while standing over a painting


  • Prem International School is host to an award-winning Creative Education and Artist Integration Program.

  • Prem is one of five International Centres for Innovation and Creativity in partnership with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA).

  • We are committed to developing skills not easily replicated by AI.  

  • Culinary and Music Academies welcome both students and parents.



  • Prem welcomes international parents from diverse backgrounds to foster a multicultural and inclusive environment.
  • A Visiting Schools Program hosts 5000 international young people and fosters global connections and cultural exchange.
  • A Three-Generation philosophy builds a sense of community with active parent and wider-family involvement.

Smiling Prem International School parents and students holding medals after enjoying a community event
Junior school students with nets in hand learning about sustainability walking in a stream on Prem's campus



  • Prem's beautiful 100-acre campus integrates sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives.
  •  Prem is a WWF green-flag school with a commitment to inspiring future generations of eco-conscious individuals.
  • A Working Organic Farm and Forest School on campus promotes sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness.



  • Prem engages students in joyful and personalised learning experiences designed to ignite a love for knowledge and exploration.
  • Golf, Music and Tennis Academies offer opportunities for students to pursue their passions in a supportive environment.
  • Boarding facilities foster personal growth and lifelong friendships in a safe and vibrant home-away-from-home environment.

Happy students


A happy Early Years student smiling and and pointing to an image in a book while looking at a classmate.


Two Junior school students learning through touch screens at a science museum


Female Senior school student talking with university representatives at Prem International School's College Fair


A smiling Intensive English Program teacher talking with two students in class


BOARDING your home away from home

Prem International School's beautiful campus with trees and river with fountain


Our alumni serve as inspirational ambassadors, reflecting the excellence and global impact of our school community. We are always happy when they return for a visit! 

A member of Prem's alumni standing in front of University of California Santa Cruz campus sign

Latest News 

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Today, in Junior School and Senior School, we celebrated Songkran, the Thai New Year, with lots of joy.

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This Monday our Senior School art students opened their IB art exhibition “Flourish and Wither, Bloom and Doom.” The exhibition had been two years in the making, with all middle and senior school students being invited to attend.

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Our G11 theatre makers went to Saigon last week to participate in an ISTA Festival ( International Schools Theatre Association). PREM is proud to be ISTA Global Patrons and partners.