International Award Bronze Level Adventurous Journey


During the weekends of November 7-8 & November 14-15, Grade 9 (and 1 or 2 grade 10s) embarked on their international Award Adventurous Journey. The weekend consisted of numerous different and challenging activities with the aim of testing the students resilience as they worked outside of their comfort zone.

The main aim of the weekend was to trek through the countryside of Northern Thailand, covering a total distance in excess of 32 kms. This is some distance, considering the undulating, overgrown terrain and for many, was a completely new experience.


Not only did the groups trek a huge distance, they also had chance to develop their map reading skills, cook their own food and camp outdoors in tents. Again, this is a new experience for many of the students and is a great opportunity for them to learn some basic survival skills and develop their levels of tenacity and adventure.

Congratulations to all the students who took part. You have now completed the Adventurous Journey section of your Bronze Award. Many thanks to all the supporting staff (A. Liz H, A. Max, A. Rob, A. Simon G & A. Mark) and the VSP for their organisation and support.

A.Mark Bosworth


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