Senior School

The Senior School at Prem is the learning center for almost three hundred students representing over thirty five nationalities.

Middle School Programme

Our newly created middle school is driven by a three part plan that focusses on development of student identity, student well-being, and the teaching & learning practices to support this. Emphasis is placed upon exploration, building curiosity and taking appropriate risks to develop creative and innovative understanding of content.

High School Programme

As students transition to high school we continue to build upon these elements and plan our learning to be fully connected across disciplines.  We focus on further developing the IB Learner Profile attributes and required content so that students are fully equipped to tackle either the IB Diploma or the IB Career Related Programme.

Distributed Leadership

Distributed leadership is our mantra as we aim to ensure that all members of our learning community contribute to the leadership of the school. Student Council members take the lead in this effort but it does not end with them.  We believe that every member of our community has the ability and responsibility to share in the leadership of our school.

A Word From Our Senior School Principal

Welcome to the Senior School at Prem! Our Vision is: “Educating global citizens who strive for excellence, live sustainably, lead responsibly, celebrate diversity, and whose integrity champions a just and more peaceful world.” It is much more than a set of words on a wall. We are continually working to ensure that all we do brings life and meaning to these ideas. It is our belief our entire community must share in both the responsibility for, and benefit of, achieving our vision.

Our three International Baccalaureate Programmes: Middle Years (MYP), Diploma (DP), and Career Related (CP), combined with our extensive Exploria co-curricular programme, are the vehicles with which we will drive, dare we say fly, to reach our goals of developing highly independent, effective, well balanced and fulfilled learners across all our grades 6-12.

Service learning projects are an ideal platform to develop all of these skills and attributes and Prem senior school supports our students to innovate, create and take action in areas of service so that they can both build their skills and contribute to a sustainable future.

To support all of this resilience is key.  The more resilient our students are the more likely they are to strive for excellence.  Our International Award programme is a core element of further developing resilience in our early high school students and builds highly confident, independent and resilient people ready and able to tackle any challenge.

Jeff Marquis, Senior School Principal

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The International Award is an exciting self-development program available to all young people worldwide equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their world. To date over there are some 1.1 million young people from over 140 countries participating in the Award. More information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award here.

A Word From Our Senior


Percentage of Graduates Attending University of Choice

A Word From Our Senior 

Senior School Programmes

Middle Years Program (MYP)


  • An international curriculum drawing on current pedagogy
  • Subject groups linked by conceptual understandings and areas of interaction
  • Progression of skills development including both subject specific and approaches to learning skills


  • Many subject specialists
  • Many teachers with specialized MYP training, including trained workshop leaders and moderators


  • Well-equipped drama, music and visual arts rooms
  • A commitment to Mac computer technology and the development of design technology suite with specialised tools
  • Spacious science laboratories and the opportunity to take learning outside to access our rich environmental learning opportunities
  • Physical Education with multiple sports fields and an Olympic-sized swimming pool


  • Two levels of mathematics
  • English and Thai offered from beginners to first language levels
  • Academic English Programme (AEP) students are phased into the MYP in a structured and supported manner
  • French, Mandarin, and Korean at a variety of levels to support emerging learners and to extend our top students
  • Health as a dedicated component of our physical education program
  • Days Out and week-long camps to take learning out of the school setting
The Full IB Diploma Programme

We are proud to offer three courses for the last two years of schooling; the full IB Diploma Programme and the IB Career Related Programme (IBCP).

We are one of just three four-programme and 200 three-programme IB schools in the world. The PYP and MYP are for three to sixteen year old students. We believe it is important this continues for our sixteen to nineteen year olds.

The full IB Diploma Programme

In addition to the three core elements of Theory of Knowledge (ToK), an extended essay and creativity, action, service (CAS), students take six subjects. Three must be at the higher level (HL) with 240 hours of instruction and three subjects may be at standard level (SL) with 150 hours of instruction.

Subjects we typically offer:

English A Literature, English A Language & Literature, Thai A Language & Literature, Korean A Language & Literature, Self-Taught A Language & Literature
English B, French B, Mandarin ab initio, Spanish ab initio
Economics, Geography, History, Psychology
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Societies & Systems, Physics
Maths HL, Maths SL, Maths Studies SL
Music, Theatre, Visual Arts

IB Diploma Programme courses

Students take a minimum of five standard level (SL) subjects plus CAS plus an approaches to learning course shared with the IBCP students.

To support those students who may transfer between IB schools, may be competitive athletes or may want subject combinations that we are unable to accommodate, we offer the full range of available Diploma Programme courses online.

With great support from our College / Career Counsellor, students select the IB programme course and combination of subjects which both interests and challenges them as well as meeting college/university requirements. We are very proud of the variety of courses and colleges/universities around the world that our students gain entry to.

We are also very proud of our qualified and experienced diploma teachers, many of whom illustrate their commitment to their own learning as well as to the IB programmes by being IB subject examiners and workshop leaders.

Career Related Programme (IBCP)

The IBCP (formerly known as IBCC) is the fourth International Baccalaureate Programme and it is aimed at students entering the last two years of High School that have a particular career path in mind. The IBCP allows students to specialise and dedicate themselves to a career path that they know they want to pursue.


The IBCP encompasses some elements of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) within its structure. It also includes the IB’s educational philosophy and mission.

The IBCP has a taught component that comprises of the following:

  • A minimum of two IBDP Courses (up to a maximum of four) at Standard Level or Higher Level
  • A career-related study course
  • A Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) course
  • A Language Development course

The following aspects of the IBCP programme cover the independent learning component of the IBCP course.

  • Reflective Project
  • Service Learning


The IB Career-Related Program at Prem offers three distinct programs: *Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD), *BTEC IT and Chartered Institute of Investments and Securities.

We have a partnership with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), BTEC and CISI which provides its courses as the Career-Related study over the two years of the IBCP programme.

Further information on BTEC is available here

Further information on SCAD is available here

Further information on CISI is available here

*Denotes classes are online and have an additional cost to students


Students who know that they want to pursue a career in art or design, computers and Business and Finance are ideally suited to this educational pathway. Students applying to Universities will have a portfolio of their work and completed program certificates along with finishing the challenging demands of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) courses. The IBCP also allows a student to specialise to a degree that is not possible with the IBDP and concentrate on their chosen career.


CP Coordinator – Elisabeth ‘Beth’ Wojciuk

Service Learning Coordinator – Stephen Service

College and Careers Counselor – Dawn Parry

Principal – Jeff Marquis


All of Prem’s counseling services and learning enhancement services are available to all our students.

Prem also has a Career and Counselor’s office that fully supports our students with applications to colleges and universities.


For more information on our IBDP courses can be found here. All courses available to IBDP students are available to IBCP online students and CISI does have some Group Restrictions. However, it is important that students take courses that will allow them to successfully pursue their career-related pathway, which may mean meeting requirements for college or university. It is therefore essential that course selection is discussed with the College and Career Counselor.


Please contact Ms. Elisabeth ‘Beth’ Wojciuk at for further details or any questions regarding the IBCP.

Senior School 


Our daughter started 14 years ago at Prem. Besides well-appointed facilities, she’s had consistently good teachers and high-achieving peers. Prem has provided the well-rounded education to become a well-informed, socially conscious young adult, with skills to further her education and pursue morally just causes.

June Unland, Prem Parent

Other Cultures

I like Prem because it’s a diverse school with a lot of different people from different places. I got to learn more about other cultures from around the world. I also like Prem because it gave me many unforgettable memories with my friends and classmates.

Salintip (Sai Mai) Novak, Grade 8


Prem is an amazing community that inspires students to strive for their best through a range of academic, physical, creative and service experiences. Professionally, I’ve never been given as many opportunities to grow. By fostering the ideals of IB’s philosophy and the school’s vision, Prem inspires us to be better people.

Steve Service, Prem Teacher

Vision. Educating global citizens who strive for excellence, live sustainably, lead responsibly, celebrate diversity, and whose integrity champions a just and more peaceful world.

Mission. We are a community that challenges its members to act as compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens: working together for a sustainable future and inspired by meaningful relationships, continuous learning and good thinking.

Accreditation Logos

Prem Tinsulanonda International School | 234 Moo 3, Tambon Huay Sai, Amphur Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand | +66 (0) 53 301 500 | accredited by IB, OPEC, NEASC, ISAT, BSA, ONESQA, CIS

Prem Tinsulanonda International School | 234 Moo 3, Tambon Huay Sai, Amphur Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand | +66 (0) 53 301 500