Traidhos Three-Generation Camps

Traidhos Three-Generation Camps

Traidhos Camp has been running residential holiday programs since 2010, and brings experience of over 25 years, working with school field trips in Thailand.

Our staff are looking forward to the next camp season, when we will help young people:

Discover more about themselves.

Become more confident living away from home.

Learn to live happily alongside new friends from different places

Challenge themselves to outdoor adventures and enjoy the excitement of campfires, games and outings.

Traidhos Camp works with international and bilingual staff from the Traidhos Barge and Visiting School Programs, and enthusiastic university counsellors. All staff love being with students, have experience in facilitating activities in Thailand and caring for summer campers. They are passionate about building camp community, making sure campers have a memorable time and in developing the skills of a global citizen. Staff are trained in first aid and are aware of site risk assessments to keep children safe. Everyone has had a criminal background check.

Whether you are considering enrolling your child for an activity camp, STEM camp or English Camp; or if you are looking for a family camp that you can participate in alongside your child, please contact us.

We are looking forward to welcoming your child.

Lynda Rolph

Head of Community

Traidhos Three-Generation Community


Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning’s carefully planned and facilitated camp programs allow campers to develop in a safe environment. Living in a caring community promoting cooperation and fun, students grow in self-confidence and independence whilst exploring new life-long skills and interests. Camp programs expose campers to global issues at a personal level.

Upcoming Camps

To find out about our upcoming Camps see the posters below. Please click HERE to find out more or to register!

Summer Camps 2022 

Fire Camp

Traidhos Fun with Fire is for everyone who loves building and lighting fires, and all things fiery!

During this camp, students will explore different ways to make and use fire safely. Campers will cook over their fires and create art work from charred sticks. We will consider geo thermal energy and take a visit to a hot spring. Campers will explore how heat changes things with a craft workshop using glass. Add in games, the fun of living together on a residential camp and evenings around the group campfire and we think this week-long camp will have something for everyone

Open to ages: 8 – 12

Register with the registration form or contact camp staff at

Earth Camp

Traidhos Close to the Earth Summer Camp is perfect if you enjoy being outside, exploring mud, wildlife, caves and the night sky. This summer camp includes a hike, a night in a tent and tree planting, as well as cooking over charcoal, earth science experiments at the campus farm and close- to -nature crafts.


Close to the Earth Camp is a 7 day residential camp for 9 – 13 year olds with an active program and evening session. The price includes all meals, snacks, activities, souvenirs, insurance, accommodation in bunk beds and materials. Campers will live on the Traidhos campus in Mae Rim Chiang Mai.


Sign up on the registration form or contact with any questions.


June 26 – July 2, 2022

Age 8 – 12

Residential Camp ( with day option)


Are you an inventor? scientist? curious about things? Traidhos STEM camp explores the process of thinking and working together using food, experiments and technologies on the farm. After working together enjoy time in the pool, on the climbing wall and go off campus to learn about the night sky.

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Air Camp

Traidhos Air Camp is a whirlwind of activity. If you are curious about the world around you, adventurous and up for a challenge, you will enjoy Air Camp.

Campers will hike in fresh mountain air, experience a tethered hot air balloon, make smoke signals, create art works with spray paints, explore problems of air pollution, create AQI censors and investigate the theme of air through STEM activities.


This July Summer camp is open to campers aged 8 – 12. Traidhos Air Camp is a residential school holiday program taking place in northern Thailand on the Traidhos Campus in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.


Register using the registration form or email for more information.

Taking Action

August 7 – 13, 2022

Age 9 – 12

Residential Camp, Chiang Mai ( with full day option)


Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to give back to the local community and learn new skills while doing so? Traidhos Taking Action Camp has the opportunity for short acts of service that benefit local dogs and elephants, support a healthy planet, care for the forest and brighten up the local area. Inbetween enjoy games and swimming and end with a campfire. Come and join us!

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Sports Camp

July 31 – August 6, 2022

Age 8 – 13

Residential Camp ( day option available)


Do you have trouble choosing which sport you like best? Traidhos Sports Camp lets you have fun with a number of individual and group sports so you do not have to choose! Each day you will be active on campus or at sites close by participating in a variety of sports supported by favourite camp activities. There will be one overnight off campus. Meet other campers and have fun this holiday.


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Water Camp

Traidhos Wet and Wild Water Fun is the Chiang Mai camp for you if you love being in and around water! Campers will spend time kayaking, making rafts and trying out a paddleboard. You will engage in STEM activities with a water theme and camp off-campus for one night.


This camp is open for Ages: 10 – 13 ( younger than 10 cannot paddleboard). This camp is based at Traidhos Campus in Mae Rim Chiang Mai, with some off-campus activities. Wet and Wild is a residential camp with a day-long program of activities.

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Survival Skill Camp

August 14 – 20, 2022

Residential camp ( day camper 0830am – 2000pm)

Age 8 – 13



This holiday program is for young people who like being active and enjoy being out of doors. Campers will cook over their own fires, practice bushcraft skills, work with bamboo as well as considering the survival of our planet earth with practical ideas. Campers will spend a night in a tent. The rest of the time, campers will live in buildings on the Traidhos Campus in Chiang Mai.

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Get, Set, Goal Camp

June 12 – 18, 2022

Age 8 – 12

Residential Program ( day option possible)

This holiday program takes place on the Traidhos campus in Mae Rim, with one off campus over night. Throughout this camp you will develop the skills that make working together possible. Each day you will solve group challenges, set your targets and reflect on what you have achieved individually and as a team. From real life cooking challenges to group games you will experience a range of activities. Are you ready? Get Set Goal!
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This Summer all programs will be offered as day camps (alongside the residential option). Please sign up for as many days across multiple camps as you want to.