We place a strong emphasis on fostering a close-knit and inclusive community where every individual's voice is heard and valued. We actively engage with parents, students, and local organisations to collaboratively create a nurturing environment that supports academic excellence and personal growth.



Who knows us better than our students? When a group of our students was asked to express what Prem meant to them, this is what they said. The size of the word is in direct relation to the number of times it was mentionned. Having students in an international school feel part of the community holds immense significance for us. It means that our students feel supported and connected. A sense of belonging and inclusivity fosters an enriching learning environment. This integration nurtures cross-cultural understanding, empathy, and respect among our students, preparing them to become global citizens capable of thriving in a multicultural world. 

Student word cloud describing the benefits of an education at Prem
Junior School students patting Petal, Prem's therapy dog


Petal spends her days throughout the school getting plenty of attention from our students and giving a lot back to them too. By lending a helping paw, she creates a calming environment in the classrooms, helps our students learn about responsibility, compassion, and empathy and even acts as a conversation starter to break down barriers sometimes. Petal is an added support to the wellbeing of students and staff alike.

air, earth, fire or water?

Welcome to our House system! As a member of our community, you will join one of our four houses - Air, Earth, Fire, or Water - in exciting team building events and ongoing friendly competitions over the school year. Every Friday we wear our House shirts with pride and our campus becomes even more beautiful with purple, green, orange, and blue shirts everywhere.

The House system is led by student captains across the school who take risks and work to plan fun social events for their peers. Led by the Head of Houses, Trisha Popsipil, the House Student Captains develop friendly, competitive events ranging from Premathlon to booths at International Day. The House Team also hosts academic and sporting events based on student interest all year long. Some of our most popular events are the Team Building Games, the Art Competition, Beach Volleyball, Tug-of-War, Theatre Sports, Dodgeball, Literacy Cup Contests, and the House Shout, just to name a few!

Prem's House system aims to put a smile on your face while building important skills such as communication, teamwork, organisation, and competitive resilience. 

Trisha Pospisil
Head of Houses

Head of Prem's House System


Air House logo

The perceptive and reflective Hippogriff is their purple mascot. It guides the students in Air House to be playful and unified in spirit.

Fire House Logo

The inquiring and thoughtful Phoenix is their orange mascot. It encourages resilience as Fire House students constantly rise from their set-backs with a burning urge to improve every time. 

Earth House Logo

The knowledgeable and accomplished Dragon is their green mascot. It leads the students in Earth House to stand strong and be powerful in their competitive spirit. 

Water House Logo

The aware and compassionate Thai Serpent is their blue mascot. It guides the Water House students to be well-balanced in their character and wise in their performances.

An early years student looking at medals for the Premathlon with a teacher
Smiling international parent and student community members holding medals after the Premathlon, a major Prem event


Parent School Community (PSC) logo
Head of the Prem Parent School Community (PSC)


Do you know the number one factor affecting student success? Parent involvement. When parents get involved, children do better in school and life. When parents get involved, the quality of education improves. Regardless of socioeconomic status, cultural upbring or parents’ educational backgrounds; being involved in your child’s education makes a profound difference.

At Prem, parent involvement is a key focus and one of our greatest strengths. The more you engage with the Prem community, the more fulfilling your experience here will be. Whether you are cheering on our Panthers in sporting events, reading stories during Mother Tongue Day, participating in or running workshops, or running a stall at our events – big or small time commitment, there is a place for you. On behalf of the PSC, I am excited to welcome you to Prem. We are so glad you are here and look forward to meeting your family. Prem is far more than an International School; we are a Community! 

Leigh-Jane Obermayer
PSC Chair 



Home-school partnerships form a vital part of a Prem education because students learn most effectively when home school partnerships are healthy and strong.  Parents are children’s first educators and they form a vital part of a child’s learning experience. A robust Home - School Partnership has many benefits:

  • Improves academic achievement
  • Develops a shared school ethos and culture
  • Improves behaviour
  • Improves communication 
  • Improves overall wellbeing


  • Improves cultural understanding
  • Fosters trusting relationships
  • Benefits the wider community
  • Raises aspirations
  • Reduces absenteeism
Parents at a Parent Community School meeting


Prem has an active and enthusiastic parent community. Many volunteer members of this community make up our Parent School Community. The PSC, as it is best known, provides support to the whole Prem community. PSC Representatives look after all grade levels and our cultural groups. The PSC aims to build a healthy, strong, and trusting relationship with the school administration, faculty, fellow parents, and students.

Junior School Principal giving a presentation to parents at a Parent School Community meeting on Parent Workshops


We host many parent gatherings, workshops, and support groups. Our regular monthly parent meeting “Meet Up” is held on the first Tuesday of each month, on the second floor of the school library. These meetings are typically themed, addressing current topics raised by parents or staff members. These are informal in nature and administrators and faculty members and students are invited to participate, providing updates, insights, and answers. All Prem parents are welcome to attend. The PSC initiate many parent workshops that help home learning. These are often conducted by faculty members.

Parent School Community Grade level and Cultural Ambassadors at a meeting

Ambassadors bring parents’ suggestions and concerns to the PSC leadership; they are an integral part of the PSC Committee. Grade Ambassadors are the point people for all the grades. Cultural Ambassadors are the point people for various cultural groups. Ambassadors are the support backpack for new families and help aid family integration into the Prem Community.

Parent School Community structure