We are a WWF Green Flag Eco-School, the highest honour bestowed upon a school. Having the Green Flag award is not only recognition of all the hard work that we are doing to improve sustainability issues, but is also our promise to continue to strive to improve sustainable practices throughout the school and community.

Sustainability is key to our school and campus. It is embedded in many of the ideas that are generated, actions taken, and decisions made.  Student-led initiatives, such as Eco-committee, Prem’s Precious Plastics, The Food Bank and Hand to Paw take action on areas of sustainability that need addressing both on campus and in the wider community.


logo WWF eco schools green flag award
Junior school students with nets in hand learning about sustainability by a stream on Prem's campus

Prem’s eco-committee is made up of students from grades 4 to 12, teachers, parents and community members. The committee has worked to set up many new projects around the school. Most recently compost waste bins were placed in all junior school rooms to collect fruit waste from morning snack time and to track the journey of the food waste and recyclable waste produced on campus and to devise ways to reduce these quantities.

Students have worked with the science department to look at the feasibility of using solar cell technology  in the future, installing motion sensitive light switches in common areas and encouraging more sustainable use of air conditioners in classrooms and offices.

Prem’s Grade 7 students designed structures for the Forest School that enhance the habitat for pollinators using sustainable materials and regenerative design principles. The local community is excited to see bees, butterflies, and bats finding refuge in these creations, while last year's bird boxes are now occupied. Stay tuned for more updates!

Prem offers a sustainability scholarship for students interested in the International Baccalaureate Careers Programme.

Two senior school students looking at a home for bees that they have constructed for keeping stingless bees on campus
Two Senior school students on Prem International School's farm holding a plow and walking behind a water buffalo with two staff members..