Welcome to boarding! Our campus is beautiful, safe, and well equipped. One of our main goals besides making you feel at home is to support and encourage you to pursue your passions and to become well-rounded individuals who are independent, confident and ready to take on the word! 

Our boarding community provides a diverse range of experiences and nurtures personalities, talents and cultures to ensure that living in boarding at Prem is a joyful experience. 

Our professional boarding staff are committed to ensuring students are supported, happy and safe. They encourage students to improve their social skills and provide them with a sense of community and responsibility. Our residential students learn from each other by bringing together different cultures, religions and ethnicities. Prem boarding is definitely a ‘Home away from Home’ where our students are ‘Living to Learn and Learning to Live’.

Linda Buck
Director of Boarding

Linda Buck, Director of Boarding

Flexible Boarding Options


Tailored Boarding Plans: From short-term stays during parental absence to full-time and weekly boarding, our flexible options cater to diverse family needs.

Seamless Transition: Students can seamlessly transition into boarding after school hours, enjoying enriching Exploria activities, nourishing dinners, and supervised homework sessions.

Engaging Weekends: Our dynamic weekend program integrates fun activities and focused study sessions, enhancing academic engagement beyond the classroom.

Grades 3–Grades 12: Offering flexible boarding solutions for students spanning Grade 3 to Grade 12, ensuring a supportive and inclusive community throughout their educational journey.

Two boarding students sitting on their beds chatting in their cozy and personally decorated dorm room


  • Caring, co-operative and committed to each other, the school and their studies
  • Tolerant, understanding, self-disciplined and responsible
  • Independent within a community structure
Two happy boarding students with their arms around each other smiling into the camera
  • Respectful of others’ beliefs, belongings and backgrounds
  • Good communicators, listeners, supportive and inclusive
  • Skilled in leadership; with an understanding of actions and consequences
Boarding students seated at Prem's amphitheatre eating a traditional Thai Khantok Dinner. Two boys are smiling looking into the camera.
Parent Teacher Conferences

Regular Conferences are held multiple times a year, allowing you to stay engaged in your child's academic journey.
Convenient Dates are available on our School Calendar ensure you can plan ahead and participate.
Flexibility: If you're unable to attend, our dedicated boarding staff will represent you. 
Open Communication is a priority to keep you informed about your child's progress and achievements.

Guardianship, Visitors Rules and Traidhos Residence

Welcoming Visitors: We encourage parents and guardians to visit.
Friendships and Socializing: Boarders can enjoy sleepovers and invite day students for a more enriched social experience, with necessary permissions.
Traidhos Residence: Explore our stunning campus and the Traidhos Residence facilities by visiting

Safety and Security

24/7 Security provided by a team of thirteen security guards ensures your child's safety is our top priority.
Controlled Access to visitors is ensured by our guards at the front gate. 
Always Available: Our Security personnel are stationed throughout the campus, including boarding clusters, and staff members reside in the vicinity for immediate assistance.
Parental Approval: Older students can request unsupervised leave with parental and boarding staff approval.

Students in the boarding lounge playing pool, other games or just sitting around chatting and laughing
Students kayaking on a boarding weekend adventure as part of the International Award Programme
Boarding Environment

A Wide Range of Options caters to students from Grade 3 to Grade 12.
A Global Community: Join students from over thirty countries.
Dedicated Experieced Staff deliver an innovative curriculum where students thrive academically and socially.
Holistic Growth emphasizing family care and values supports students of all abilities

Boarding Nurses

24/7 On-Campus Medical Support is provided by a dedicated team of resident nurses,
Stay Healthy with Confidence: Rest easy knowing that your child will be cared for in our state-of-the-art Medical Centre.
Peace of Mind for Parents: Rest assured that your child's health is in capable hands in a secure and nurturing environment

Campus Departure and Evacuation

Controlled Departure: Students are accompanied by staff or guardians when leaving campus, ensuring their safety and well-being.
Unsupervised Leave: Older students can apply for unsupervised leave with proper guardianship checks and approvals in place.
Emergency Preparedness: Fire alarms, evacuation and lock-down drills, and security procedures are practiced regularly, ensuring a safe environment for all.
Staff Training: Our boarding staff is well-trained to handle security and safety drills, ensuring a quick and effective response in any situation.

Prem International School's team of six nurses from Prem's Medical Centre having their picture taken in front of the school sign

Hospital Visits

On occasion our students do need to make a hospital visit. When this occurs, a member of nursing or boarding staff will generally accompany the student to their appointment. Parents are notified by the nursing staff or a senior member of the boarding staff, usually by email. If the hospital visit is of an urgent nature, parents will be contacted immediately. Any student who is admitted to hospital for an overnight stay is accompanied by a boarding staff member. There are several excellent hospitals in Chiang Mai.


Student Medical Insurance

The school has negotiated a comprehensive medical insurance package with Allianz Ayudhya, a global health insurance company. It is compulsory for all boarding students to join this Medical Plan which costs THB 9,000 per annum and is included in boarding school fees.

Medical Information

Prior to the arrival of your child all relevant medical information, which will assist us in providing the best possible care for your child, must be completed in the Application Form. This information is confidential and stored in the Medical centre.

Medical Emergency Response

Major medical emergencies receive an immediate response. Nursing cover is provided throughout the school day, during overnight school trips and at events hosted at the school at weekends.

In the event of a medical emergency, parents will be contacted first. However, at enrollment and throughout the year, parents must identify an additional emergency contact person for each child, and provide their contact information.

For more information please contact:

Linda Buck
Director of Boarding

Khun Nong
Secretary to Director of Boarding
Phone: +66 (0) 53 301 474


Prem’s main dining hall, run by Chef Dang, offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks throughout each school day. Chef Dang moved to Chiang Mai to open a Thai restaurant and has been working as the Head Chef at Prem since the school opened in 2001. In 2006, he went to France to compete in a cooking competition in which he placed third.

Chef Dang’s philosophy and passion is to promote nutritious and healthy eating and he uses only high quality food sources. Fresh seasonal local produce is delivered to the kitchen every second day to ensure quality and freshness. Dairy, meats and seafood are also sourced locally.

International, Asian and vegetarian options are available daily along with an extensive salad bar. The kitchen keeps seasoning simple by flavouring the food with salt, pepper and Asian condiments for Asian food. The cafeteria does not use MSG, but does use aroma to flavour sauces.

Furthermore, we use highquality olive oil in salad dressings and in the preparation of Western dishes, while for cooking Asian dishes we use soybean oil, and never palm oil.

With Chef Dang’s leadership, the staff is strongly focused on hygiene and quality within the cafeteria. Every year the staff attends conferences in Phuket about the latest in food hygiene. In addition, companies, such as leading hotels in Thailand, are invited to Prem to further train the staff in food hygiene and quality control. Chef Dang receives specialised training in catering every year, to keep up to date with the latest in food preparation and hygiene.

Salad bar items
a variety of lunch main courses
a mixture of fresh fruit for dessert


Executive Chef Tummanoon is from Prachuabkirikrun. He trained at The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute, Bangsaen Chonburi  [Tourism Authority of Thailand]  with a focus on international cuisine.

He began his first chef role in 1988 at The Boathouse Inn & Restaurant in Phuket. In 1992 he was promoted to Executive Sous Chef. A year later he moved to the island of Samui to assume the Executive Chef position at The Allson Resort Samui Uforia at Samui Island.

He returned to the Boathouse in Phuket as Executive Chef in 1995 and ran a Thai cooking class. During this time  he traveled to Singapore, China, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Austria and Italy to promote Thai and Asian cooking.
Between 1996-1998, he joined with a Swiss Chef Association to run monthly Thai cooking workshops in Switzerland.

In 1999, Chef Tummanoon received on the job wine and French cuisine training in France. He authored The Boathouse Cookbook. 

Chef Tummanoon moved to Chiang Mai in 2013 to work at Prem as consulting Chef with the management team.