Creativity at Prem

Creativity at Prem

Alongside learning with our highly qualified, expert educators students at Prem benefit from regular exposure to professional creative practitioners, artists and creative thinkers; all of whom bring ideas, approaches, knowledge and experience that enhance our beautiful and inspiring learning environment.

These engagements are mainly delivered through our critically acclaimed Artist Residency Thailand programme.

With approximately three hundred and fifty applicants per year, ARThailand works with the some of the very best practitioners in the world to develop engagement projects and workshops that benefit and inspire our students, staff and the wider Prem community 

As well as dedicated programmes, as educators we are committed to developing opportunities, whereby creative inquiry and arts integration help to:  


ENGAGE – Our students are excited about their learning

ENHANCE – Teachers and students believe in growth and going beyond expectations 

ENLIVEN – We make our learning visible

EMPOWER – We develop resilient and confident children and young people 

In line with leading Art Centres, Theatres and Museums Prem also employs a Creative Director. The role has overall responsibility for the following areas

  • Developing, providing and upholding high-quality opportunities for creative and cultural engagement, for our young people
  • Managing, directing and developing external relationships with creative organisations and individuals
  • Appraising the quality and content of our creative and cultural offer for our young people and wider-community. In the formal and informal curriculum 
  • Insuring that the arts play a key role in the development and cultivation of ‘joyful and effective learning’

“Prem understands that an excellent academic offer ensures students have all the necessary skills to build a successful life, but it is through creative engagement and exposure to the arts, that we help our students develop the necessary skills to live a successful life” 

Alex Soulsby Creative Director

Artist Residency Thailand