Prem teachers at a professional development session on mindfulness and wellbeing

Our teachers are model learners. As a community, we are doing significant work in the area of  personalised learning. It plays an important role in our continued IB Programme development and professional development of faculty.

For us, personalised learning means:

  • Building relationships with students to understand abilities, interests and goals.
  • Being mindful of student cultural backgrounds and prior learning experiences.
  • Giving students choices and providing uninterrupted time for play-based, inquiry-based, and interest/project-based learning.
  • Using different resources to meet unique individual needs.
  • Using flexible spaces to respond to student interests and needs.
Two senior schools students pouring water over teachers' hands as part of the Thai traditional Wai Kru celebration showing respect for teachers
A senior school student playing the xylophone
A smiling group of six senior school students, three seated and three standing, looking at information that one student has found on a computer.

Above all, we embrace the power of joyful personalised learning, recognizing that each student learns best when education is tailored to individual needs and interests. Join us on our educational journey where students thrive academically, grow personally, and become empowered global citizens.

Two Junior school students learning through touch screens at a science museum
A Senior school student creating an outfit as part of creativity and fashion design
two senior school students working on a lathe as part of their design class. One is cutting a piece of wood, one is observing.