Creative Director at Prem International School

Prem's students receive unique learning experiences through collaboration with world-class creative practitioners and creative thinkers. Our award winning ARThailand programme partners with leading experts, creates powerful learning opportunities benefitting students, staff, and our broader community.

Our Creative Director works closely with our Founder/CEO, Educators and Senior Leadership Team to integrate creative inquiry and engagement that enhances and enriches learning across all divisions. We firmly believe that a progressive academic curriculum is key for a successful future, however, we also understand that the purpose of education is to nurture what is personal, social and cultural and that the arts are the essential glue to make this foundation cohesive and powerful.

Prem educators commit to the following guiding principles for nurturing creativity:


Our students are excited about their learning.


Teachers and students believe in growth and going beyond expectations.


We make our learning visible.


We develop resilient and confident children and young people.


“Prem understands that an excellent academic offer ensures students have all the necessary skills to build a successful life, but it is through creative engagement and exposure to the arts that we help our students develop the necessary skills to live a successful life”

Alex Soulsby
Creative Director



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Our award-winning Artist Residency Thailand program is a powerful initiative that fosters creativity, transforms teaching and learning, and enriches our entire community. Welcoming collaborations with world-class artists, creative practitioners, activists, and creative thinkers, our students, teachers, and community are regularly exposed to a diverse range of creative perspectives, that help foster a deeper and more personal understanding of the world.

Participating in the Artist Residency Thailand programme equips our students with invaluable skills that extend beyond the realm of the arts. They learn to think critically, express themselves confidently, and collaborate effectively. The program nurtures their creativity and empowers them to approach challenges with an open mind and innovative solutions. By engaging with renowned artists and experts, our students develop the vital skills necessary to engage with and succeed in an ever changing world.

For more than ten years the program has created an inspiring cultural hub where screenings, seminars, and concerts bring our community together, fostering a sense of unity and creativity. The work developed through the program has even reached international stages, celebrating the creative achievements of our students and practitioners alike.

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