Lee Stevens, Co-Athletic Director

                        Lee Stevens
                 Co-Athletic Director

Adam Copus, Co-Athletic Director

                        Adam Copus
                        Co-Athletic Director

March Yawichai - Assistant Athletic Director

                               March Yawachai 
                              Assistant Athletic

The Prem Panthers Athletics program is committed to providing students with opportunities to participate in a variety of sports in a positive and rewarding environment. We strongly believe that participation in sports can have a significant impact on developing positive habits and character traits. This directly translates into academic success and prepares students to become responsible and compassionate members of society and future leaders.

Our Prem Panthers athletic teams have excellent sports facilities that include an air purified and air-conditioned gym, multiple grass football pitches, a dedicated dance studio, an Olympic sized swimming pool and professional cricket pitch.

Our teams compete in the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC) and regularly travel throughout the region to attend invitational tournaments and events. A dedicated coaching staff, in addition to wonderful sports facilities, allow our students to strive for excellence, improve their skills and overall fitness levels. They learn how to be part of an effective team and increase their understanding of the sport.

We are all very proud of our student-athletes and view sports as a vital part of our school’s community. Go Panthers!


The Prem Panthers Athletic Team

Student swimmer doing the crawl in Prem's olympic size pool
A member of the Prem's Girls Junior Varsity football team just after kicking the ball with one leg extended in the air and the ball flying ahead of her with two players in the background
A member of Prem's Varsity Boys Volleyball team in the air spiking a ball at a game with team members watching
A member of Prem's Varsity Boys basketball team in the air with the ball with members of the opposing team trying to intercept it


Prem primarily participates in a local sports league called the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC). There are eleven schools that participate in CMAC:

  • Prem International School
  • Chiang Mai International School
  • Lanna International School
  • Grace International School
  • Nakornpayap International School
  • American Pacific International School
  • Varee International School
  • Christliche Deutsche Schule
  • Unity Concord International School
  • American Chinese International School
  • Panyaden International School
Prem Panther's logo

The way we treat people and conduct ourselves in all situations.

Prem Panthers logo

The ability to overcome challenges and the strength to persevere.

Prem Panther's logo

The drive to be loyal, reliable and hardworking.




Sports offered at Prem: Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Futsal, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball. More information about the sports programme can be found in this handbook.

Exploria is an outstanding extra-curricular program that provides academic, creative, service and active expression allowing our students to have new experiences and a great balance in their school life. The following are just a few examples of the numerous and varied activities offered at Prem, which enhance the educational experience.

Creativity Exploria

A Senior School student seated with arms around her legs giving a solo drama performance

Music/Drama Production

Each year Prem hosts both Junior and Senior school music and drama productions.

Prem's Symphonic band giving an outdoor performance at a community event

Prem Symphonic Band

Led by our dedicated music practitioners the Prem Symphonic Band performs in concerts, assemblies and at events year round.


A Junior School student stringing a ukulele

Music Offerings

Prem Jazz Ensemble, rock band, drumming circle and Creative Ukuleles are just some of the many musical offerings that are part of our Exploria Activity programme.

Students in the dance studio following the lead of Prem's dance instructor

Dance Choreography

Our Dance teacher leads groups in various dance activities, culminating in the yearly Prem Dance Festival.

Service Exploria

Three Senior School students at a table, one is writing, two are looking forward during a Model United Nations conference held at Prem International School

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

Students volunteering with Hand 2 Paw visiting a Thai temple to help take care of temple dogs

Hand 2 Paw

Prem students visit local temples and help with bathing and socialising of temple dogs. Our students fundraise to pay for sterilisation and medical care and develop compassion for how many dogs are treated.

Before and after pictures of two young children who had cleft palate operations

Operation Smile

Prem students support Operation Smile Thailand, which is part of the largest cleft lip/cleft palate charity in the world. Our students plan and run events to raise money to provide free surgery to children suffering from clefts – healing smiles and changing lives.

A Senior School student grinding plastic with a teacher to reuse to make medals for Prem's activities as part of Prem's sustainability programme

Precious Plastics

Precious plastics aims to reduce the plastic waste on our campus and repurpose it into different items. Our Precious Plastics students also develop ways to reduce the need for plastics and have a number of projects underway relating to campus and community sustainability.

Action Exploria

Student members of the Archery club standing in a line on one of Prem's fields with bows drawn about to hit their targets


Draw, aim and shoot. This Exploria is run by our Archery specialist who has many years of experience to help students learn the sport.

A group of student golfers standing with Golf clubs in hand on Prem International School's Golf Driving range with Prem's golf pro


Prem’s Golf Exploria programme provides an introduction to the game of golf. Each session consists of an hour of after-school golf instruction covering all aspects of the golf swing and helps our students gain skills and move to the next level. Join us at Prem’s dedicated Golf Centre.

Four Junior school students standing next to each other in a row practising Taekwondo with their instructor. One has his leg kicked high in the air.


Taekwondo training is a sport which benefits physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health simultaneously. Prem students learn the fundamentals and work towards belt tests. All of our classes are taught by experienced instructors with decades of experience.

A Junior School student running to the net after hitting a tennis ball during lessons with Prem's tennis pro


Prem’s Tennis Exploria programme provides an introduction to the game of tennis. Each session consists of an hour of after-school tennis instruction covering all aspects of the game and helps our students gain skills and move to the next level. Join us at Prem’s dedicated Tennis Academy.