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About the International Award

The International Award is available to all fourteen to twenty-four year olds and is the world’s leading youth achievement award. It equips young people for life regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests. The International Award is an exciting self-development program available to all young people worldwide equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their world. To date over there are some 1.1 million young people from over 140 countries participating in the International Award.

A Senior School student taking on the physical challenge of a climbing wall. He is rappelling back down the wall.

Personal Development

Since its launch 60 years ago, the Award has inspired millions of young people to transform their lives. The Award can play a critical role in a young person’s development and is achievable by any fourteen to twenty-four year old who wants the challenge. 

We encourage all grade 8 students to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. All students aim to complete the Bronze Award by the end of the academic year, with the intention of commencing their Silver award in grades 9 & 10.

The Gold award is an optional extra to be completed during the Diploma years (Grade 11 & 12). All students complete their compulsory CAS activities during grade 11 & 12 and therefore it is a sensible option to complete the IA Gold award in parallel with this. We believe that students who complete the international award develop an excellent, well rounded personality, which portrays resilience, determination and understanding of the wider world.

A student smiling while having fun testing his skills paddling across water on large plastic drums tied together. He is being cheered on by fellow students and teachers.

Citizens of the World

The Award equips young people for life and work. Not all learning happens in the classroom. Young people need experiences outside the classroom to become committed, responsible and fulfilled citizens of the world.

The Award is flexible and can be done by anyone aged 14–25 in their own time. Mental or physical ability or social circumstances should never be a barrier. Moreover, the individual chooses what activities to do depending on his/her interests and resources.

  • Outdoor education led by outstanding teachers
  • Meaningful engagement with the natural world
  • Challenging and rewarding outdoor adventure.