Our Students

Prem has been my childhood and the place I call as my second home. To me, the school is my paradise - another world where I can express my true self. Prem not only supported me academically, but also taught me to be a student of the world. Being able to establish the nonprofit organisation Food Bank & Local Communities, leading Student Council committees, chairing and participating in Model United Nations and World Scholars Cup, fundraising for animals and human rights charities and so many more activities! Without Prem, I would not be the person that I am today.  Coco, grade 11

There is a lot to love about Prem: the campus, the environment, and the wonderful community. But what I love the most about Prem are the unforgettable experiences I have had here. Through boarding, I have met people from all over the world with their own stories. Moreover, my involvement with the Prem Panthers has not only enhanced my own sports skills, but also provided me with invaluable coaching experience. I am excited to see what moments I will share with Prem in these upcoming years.
Sophia, grade 10

I have been a student at Prem for 9 years now, and it continues to be a truly unique experience. I remember how thrilled I was to visit the goats and chickens at the farm when I was only 4. After 9 years, I continue to enjoy acting in drama, building all kinds of vases and plates out of clay during art, our science experiments like car races and our very messy, but fun elephant toothpaste. Prem teaches students to be global citizens and achieve their dreams and goals. 
Naomie, grade 8

As a student ambassador, I regularly participate in fun House events, run an Art Exploria (after-school activity) and run the Instagram page for the College Counselor. One thing I love about Prem is its facilities. At Prem I can explore my interests in Art in the expansive Art House, practice my love for music in the many Music Studios available and continue my desire to stay fit in the gym. Gabriel, grade 12

“Prem offers a wide variety of learning, service, and extracurricular activities that makes it the ideal school for education and development. I have taken on a few leadership roles such as being a House Captain and a member of MS StuCo, and both have given me new experiences that have helped build my confidence and sense of self.” Moe, grade 8