Our Parents



My husband and I chose Prem because it is an IB school with excellent and highly qualified teachers. We love that at Prem not only academics are important, but also sports, music, the arts and teaching the kids social skills. Now 10 years later in Senior School, we appreciate how Prem is preparing the students to be independent and supporting them in achieving their future goals.  Helen and Nick Kuoni


At Prem, the sense of community and belonging is unparalleled compared to other International Schools we have experienced. The Prem campus is the most beautiful among the international schools in Thailand that we are aware of. Two years ago, moving Elina to Prem to join G4 was one of the best decisions we've ever made.   It is a delight to see how enthusiastically she attends school each morning. She has made enduring friendships and memories. The parent community's friendliness is unparalleled. 

We are privileged to be part of Prem.
Veejay Madhavan 

As an Ecuadorian family with 4 children, we chose Prem as it offers some of the best education in its teaching of the IB, an elite program available to select schools around the world. Prem, however, also offers much in its interdependent community which creates an ideal environment for students to thrive academically, socially, and independently. Yolanda


My daughter Nadia, a Grade 12 student, is having a fantastic time at Prem following her joining the CP/SCAD option available to students during years 11 and 12. She finds the career based learning interesting and useful and is so happy to be acquiring skills that might be helpful in her future career. Her new positivity has spilled over into her performance in her IB subjects, particularly as she has been able to choose and concentrate on those which she enjoys and excels in. So I would like to commend Prem for being very progressive in providing this option to students to join the CP/SCAD program in their senior years.
Peter Dennis


We are a multicultural Thai-Indonesian family who has lived in SouthEast Asia most of the time and are in the hospitality business. Dallas joined Prem in EY3 and has been at Prem for more than 9 years.  Due to the family profession, we have to be relocated but we have decided to keep our son at Prem. 

We chose Prem for our child because we believe in the IB Curriculum, which offers a comprehensive well-rounded education, a global perspective, and a strong foundation for future academic and personal success.  In addition to the well-rounded education system, Prem provides a well designed and spacious campus which can offer many opportunities for sports and activities. The campus places importance on environmental sustainability, which provides the possibility to reconnect with nature.  Most importantly, it is the culturally diverse and caring community of Prem that makes the difference.  Sawitree Ishwara


The future of our world will be intercultural collaboration and interdisciplinary knowledge.   Prem provides both the challenging curriculum and the nurturing environment to prepare my daughter to be a compassionate, well-rounded, educated leader for the future. Nancy Rower