Junior School

Junior School

The Junior School is a unique and vibrant community offering a world-class international education within a caring and safe environment.

A Word From Our Junior School Principal

I am wholeheartedly committed to the idea of fostering academic excellence. Some of my key beliefs in this regard include the notion that learning needs to be significant and challenging. I believe every child has the right to find their learning program to be engaging and inspiring. Students should find opportunities in the school day to exercise their agency, I believe that our pedagogy should be responsive and purposeful. To this end, I am an advocate for using assessment data to improve our instruction to help all of our students meet their full potential.

For powerful learning to take place, our children must be comfortable; student well-being is of primary importance to me. We must continually cultivate a culture of respect at Prem. My goal for the Junior School is that every student cares about themselves, their peers, their environment and their learning. I thank you in advance for your support in helping me to make this goal a reality.

Justin Jarman
Junior School Principal

Junior School Overview

The Junior School is divided into two sections, our Early Years Programme and Grades 1-5. Each section of the Junior School has a philosophy unique to the needs of students in the programme that guides decision making, practices and everyday life here at school.

Early Years Philosophy

EY1 – EY3 provide a caring, engaging, child-centered environment. The safe and inspiring natural setting provokes wonder and joy so as to support each child to explore and make sense of their world. See Philosophy section below for more.

Junior School Philosophy

Grade 1 – Grade 5 offers a holistic learning community with a meaningful, child centred inquiry programme. We enable students to be courageous and confident through active participation in a creative, challenging and dynamic learning environment. More below.

Primary Years Programme model

Early Years Philosophy, EY1 - EY3

Early Years at PREM provides a caring, engaging, child-centered environment. The safe and inspiring natural setting provokes wonder and joy so as to support each child to explore and make sense of their world. A hands-on play-based approach is designed to foster the foundation of inquiry, language skills and nurture the development of each child’s unique learning journey.

We believe in:

  • Parents as the first and lasting educators
  • The wealth of knowledge, experiences and understandings that every child brings should be celebrated, challenged and extended
  • Promoting the language acquisition of every child in order to be confident learners and communicators
  • Empowering each young learner to become independent and critical thinkers who can work and play with others positively and collaboratively
  • High expectations and equity
  • Reflective practice

The journey continues through Grades 1-5 (ages six to eleven). Students learn to respect each other as they participate in many collaborative learning experiences. From planning service learning activities to participating in a myriad of activities where students are challenged to share their knowledge and understanding in creative and something ways, Junior School students are challenged to collaborate and to learn from each other.

Junior School Philosophy, Grade 1 - Grade 5

In the Junior School at PREM we are a holistic learning community that provides a rigorous, child-centred inquiry programme. We enable our students to be courageous, confident and successful through active participation in a creative, academically challenging and dynamic learning environment.

We believe in:

  • Empowering our learners by developing their social, communication, self-management, critical thinking and research skills
  • Promoting the language acquisition of every child in order to be confident learners and communicators
  • Challenging our children through a rigorous curriculum to be independent and responsible for their learning
  • Promoting curiosity, adaptability and resilience as our students take action with their learning
  • Collaborating with our children and parents
  • Connecting with our local and global communities
  • The importance of all members of our Junior School community being empathetic, open minded and respectful of differences

Junior School Curriculum

The Prem Junior School Curriculum is a school-developed framework of knowledge, concepts and skills that aligns with external standards and learning outcomes from around the world. We organise the Junior School curriculum through the Primary Years Programme, part of the continuum of International Baccalaureate programmes. Our curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child as they explore and inquire both in the classroom and the world beyond and strive for excellence in all that they do as they grow as internationally-minded and culturally-sensitive students.

The language of Instruction is in English, and English Language Support is provided as needed. Students learn about and explore Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, Drama and Personal and Social skills with their homeroom teachers. Technology is used and taught throughout the day as relevant and shared resources such as iPads, laptops and other manipulative IT resources are available for students.

Working with the classroom teachers, a talented group of specialist teachers who provide learning experiences in Thai, Music, Art and Physical Education. In AY 2017 we are excited to be offering Mandarin, both for native speakers and as an additional language, as part of our Specialist programme.

Prem’s unique 100-acre campus offers a unique learning environment which classes make full use of throughout the year. Learning extends beyond the classroom walls to the organic farm, cooking school, bamboo forests and pond offering our students unique opportunities to learn about sustainability and the environment through meaningful, hands on activities.

Primary Years Programme

We organise our curriculum through the continuum of International Baccalaureate programmes.

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The Junior School the has a Visual Arts classroom and a Music classroom equipped with a wide variety of instruments. Our Prem campus has a large Arts House, outdoor amphitheater and auditorium.

Students have the opportunity to participate in visual arts, music and singing classes as well as an instrumental program offering private lessons. Students are invited to showcase their talents in many events including on and off-campus exhibitions, afternoon soirees, and large-scale music concerts and productions.

Student organised lunchtime initiatives provide students the opportunity to express their creativity and develop confidence. The student-initiated performances include singing, dancing, joke telling, instrumentals, and poetry reading, to name a few.

Leadership and Service

Leadership is valued at Prem and an example of leadership in action is the Junior School Student Council. Students in Grades 3-5 have the opportunity to represent their class and to contribute to school decisions, activities and service. The Student Council promotes student leadership and responsibility, and empowers students to make a difference.

In addition to designing and marketing a school hat, the Junior School Student Council has initiated and planned Junior School triathlons and has raised awareness and funds for organizations such as a local orphanage.

Taking action is promoted throughout the Junior School inside the classroom and beyond. For example, Grade Two students organised a ‘Walk for Water’ walkathon to raise awareness and funds for children who do not have access to clean water as part of their unit inquiring into Children’s Rights. Individual students are also encouraged to follow their passions and take action for issues they are interested in For Example A Grade Three student holding a lunchtime quiz to raise awareness for the plight of the Black Rhino.

Videos From Junior School

Prem Playgroup

Prem Playgroup is held each Friday during term time.

Come along and meet other parents and let your toddler enjoy the company of other children. Experience storytelling in the Prem International School library with our school librarian and have fun with your children in our JS playground.

Prem Playgroup times
9 am Informal play time on the JS Playground with other children and parents
9:30 am Snack in the JS undercroft
10 am Storytelling with our school librarian in the Library
10:30 am Hometime

This informal playdate gives you the opportunity to make new friends and meet other families within our community.
Please register your interest in joining our playgroup by emailing Khun Aey, the JS secretary.