Welcome to Junior School at Prem! 

A word from our Junior School Principal 

For powerful learning to take place, our children must be comfortable; student well-being is of primary importance to us. We cultivate a culture of respect at Prem. We want every student to care about themselves, their peers, their environment and their learning. We are wholeheartedly committed to fostering critical thinking, creativity and community in a caring and sustainable learning environment. To achieve academic excellence, we understand that learning needs to be significant and challenging. Every child has the right for learning to be engaging and inspiring. We recognize that all students are unique so we personalise learning to meet the needs of each and every child to maximise their potential.


Justin Jarman
Junior School Principal

Justin Jarman, Junior School Principal


Junior School Overview

The Junior School comprises grades 1-5 and offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). We offer a holistic learning approach that is child-centred and personalised. Holistic learning emphasises the interconnectedness of various subjects and promotes a comprehensive understanding of the world. Learners are encouraged to engage their minds, bodies and emotions to develop a deeper sense of self awareness, critical thinking skills and the ability to apply knowledge in real-life situations. This results in a more meaningful educational experience. Students identify as readers, writers and mathematicians as learning becomes increasingly academic. Students become courageous and confident through active participation in our creative, challenging and dynamic learning environment. 


An engaged Junior School student using a scientific instrument at a science museum with another interested student looking on
Two Junior School students wearing protective goggles and lab coats putting experiment results in a computer


Creativity is at the heart of our educational program in the Junior School. Our students participate in a Creativity Hour one hour per week where they have agency to be innovative and imaginative. Sometimes this hour is used for students to engage in Creative Communities, small cross-grade collaborative groups in which students share a common passion to inspire their creativity. All Junior School students participate in Visual Arts and  Music classes. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Prem Music Academy program offering private lessons. Students are invited to showcase their creative talents through special annual events, including music concerts and dramatic productions.

Two Junior School symphony band students playing violins
Happy Junior school students enjoying the audience applause after the Junior School Musical

Leadership and Service

Developing students’ leadership capacities is valued in the Junior School. As a result of their learning during their Units of Inquiries, Junior School Students are encouraged to Take Action to make a meaningful difference within and beyond our school community. Students in grades 4 and 5 have the opportunity to represent the Junior School and to contribute to school decisions, activities and service. The Student Council promotes student leadership and responsibility, and empowers students to make a difference.

Two Junior School students smiling with their arms around each other, one giving a thumbs up and one a peace sign wearing the Be True Be You shirts they designed


Forest School: A Journey of Discovery and Learning

We use the Forest School programme to support the grade Units of Inquiry. Our Forest School leader works with the homeroom teachers to create learning experiences that are relevant, engaging and meaningful for the students.

Over the years, our Forest School area has developed into a vibrant and exciting outdoor classroom. We have created a space that is both safe and stimulating for our students. We have added natural features such as a pond, a flower alley, a fruit tree area and a bug hotel, which provide opportunities for the students to learn about biodiversity and sustainability.

The Forest School program at Prem International School is an exceptional learning experience that enriches the lives of our students in countless ways. It allows them to explore the natural world, develop new skills and knowledge, and foster a deep connection with the environment around them. As we continue to develop our Forest School area, we look forward to providing even more opportunities for our students to learn and grow.


Junior School students sitting on log stools in Prem International School's outdoor Forest School classroom with their teacher. One student is standing and giving a presentation.
A Junior School student looking at plants in Prem's Forest School. She is holding a magnifying glass in one hand and a net in the other.

Our Library 

is at the heart of all learning and teaching.

Whole Community

Discover a library that brings together every facet of our vibrant community. Whether you're a resident, a nurturing parent, an inspiring teacher, an inquisitive student, or part of an adventurous school group, our library is your haven for exploration and growth.

A Hub of Inspiration

Inside our library, awash with natural light, you will find a curated assortment of books, captivating magazines, scholarly journals, dynamic audiovisual resources, and empowering teaching materials.

Partners in Exploration

Our library staff maintains a commitment to excellence by curating and maintaining collections. They are also very happy to assist you with locating the resources that you need.  


  • Over 27,000 print and digital fiction and non-fiction books in English as well as Chinese, Korean, Thai, Bhutanese, Japanese, and other languages. 
  • We celebrate and encourage a love of reading and are open everyday. We have book displays and special events, including Literacy Week and Book Fairs, throughout the year.
  • Library Hours Mon. - Fri. 8.00 AM - 6.00 PM and Sat. - Sun. 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM.
  • Questions? Please contact us via email: library@ptis.ac.th or telephone: Tel. 053-301500 ext. 5325,5327.  We are here for you!