IB Career-related Program (IBCP)

We have been running the International Baccalaureate Career-related Program (IBCP) at Prem since 2012 and we have a very specialised programme set up which allows students to flourish. The IBCP at Prem involves dual enrollment at Prem and at the university provider of the Career Related Study.

Our university partnerships are with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in the US and the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) in Switzerland. Through our university partnerships the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS), and the World Academy of Sport, students benefit from access to higher education resources while still in high school. This arrangement provides them with a head start in their academic and career journeys, fostering seamless transitions to university-level studies and professional pathways.


Dr. Emma Shaw 
Career-related Programme Coordinator
CAS / Service Learning Coordinator
IBCP Teacher (Business & Sustainability)

Two IB students in the Art House seated at a table working on their paintings surrounded by student artwork on the walls
Savannah College of Art and Design

SCAD provides its arts courses as the Career-Related study over the two years of the IBCP programme. This is an online course that comes with additional costs for attending SCAD. 

SCAD is known as the University for Creative Careers. Prem students have chosen tracks such as Fashion, Animation, Film, Interior Design, and Game Development. SCAD offers very generous scholarships to Prem students thanks to our history and track record and it boasts an impressive 99% student employment rate after graduating from SCAD.

Further information on SCAD is available here.

Sustainability Management School

We also offer Business Sustainability and Leadership in partnership with the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) Switzerland. Students investigate cutting-edge business sustainability theories while developing leadership and intercultural skills during their Integrative Project Experience. This programme complements the vision and ethos of Prem International School. 

We partner with this University to offer a course at Prem called Sustainable Leadership with a practical focus on the Hospitality Industry. Having personally studied and taught many business courses this is the most forward thinking approach I have encountered. It focuses on looking at the business model in a different way. We can no longer do business as usual.

IB Career-related Programme Senior school students being hosts at a Prem networking event at a 5 star hotel in Chiang Mai

Businesses must consider the triple bottom line or the 3Es – Economy, Environment and Equity. In order to influence and change people’s habits and beliefs we explore the psychology of leadership and develop personal skills such as self confidence, communication and decision making ability. Students taking this option will apply their knowledge and skills through a work placement and project in a 5 star hotel in Chiang Mai.

Further information about SUMAS is available here.

Both IBCP career focused areas, SCAD and SUMAS, comprise undergraduate level courses so they are highly academic and rigorous. They can count as credit towards the first year of university and this option can therefore reduce the time studying at University. Prem’s College Counselling service has direct links with worldwide universities and admissions officers. This enables us to find our IBCP graduates places on very competitive courses at high ranking universities and colleges. 

In the workplace, top employers seek students who are creative and critical thinkers, have strong communication skills, as well as initiative and drive.  The IBCP is designed to develop these skills and produce highly sought after students.  And where better to study than at Prem. The natural surroundings of our beautiful campus and the facilities encourage creativity and practical business opportunities.

Who should take the IBCP?

Students who know that they want to pursue a career in Art or Design, Computers and Business and Finance are ideally suited to this educational pathway. Students applying to universities will have a portfolio of their work and completed program certificates along with finishing the challenging demands of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) courses. The IBCP also allows students to specialise to a degree that is not possible with the IBDP and concentrate on their chosen career.

IB Courses Information

All courses available to IBDP students are available to IBCP students. This does have some Group Restrictions. However, it is important that students take courses that will allow them to successfully pursue their career-related pathway, which may mean meeting requirements for college or university. It is therefore essential that course selection is discussed with the College and Career Counsellor.

Further information on IBCP is available here

Please contact Dr. Emma Shaw at cpc@ptis.ac.th for further details or any questions regarding the IBCP.