Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

School fees and initial charges are reviewed annually.

Current Prem Fees

A comprehensive list of our current Prem fees

Current IEP Fees

A comprehensive list of our IEP current fees

Initial Charges

In addition to ongoing payments for current students, Prem includes the following charges as part of the application process and before an applicant starts their first term:

Application Fee

An application fee of 5,000 THB for each child is payable along with an application form. The application fee is not refundable.

Foundation Fee

Once a place is offered at Prem main school, parents return an acceptance form along with 130,000 THB (per child for the first two children) in order to secure a place for the child. This fee is non-refundable.

Refundable Deposit

A refundable deposit of 50,000 THB is payable for each child and invoiced along with tuition fees. Conditions of refund: upon student’s graduation from Prem; or when written notice is received at least one school term before child leaves; or when Prem requires applicant’s departure for reasons other than disciplinary.

Deferment Procedure and Protocol


Prem School prefers that students begin their school life at the start of the school academic year in August. If for any reason this is not possible and you intend for your child to join Prem after the start of the Academic year please read the procedure and requirements below carefully.


It is important to note that if you plan for your child to commence classes after the start of the Academic year, for instance in term 2, 3 or 4, we will still need you to remit 50% of the school tuition fee for each term missed. Our school budget is based on student numbers for a whole academic year, and ensures the provision of the highest quality academic and extra-curricular programmes that makes a Prem education such a rich and unique learning experience.


Please also note that if deferring for more than one year, then interviews and application fees will need to be repeated.


Your family can, of course, apply for a place at Prem at any point throughout the year, but acceptance is naturally dependent on space being available in the desired class or year group.


As always, our Admissions staff are on hand to answer all and any questions you may have regarding the Admissions process, and you can find their contact details HERE.