After-school Co-curricular Activities


An outstanding extracurricular program in one of the best international schools in Asia.


Activities provide academic, creative, artistic and active expression for children at Prem. We encourage all students to be involved in at least one activity per term. Many students choose to do two, three or more if their schedule allows.


Exploria is offered every day after school for the Junior School and the Senior School. Exploria activities start at 3:15 pm and are one hour long in two slots (3:15-4:15 pm and 4:15-5:15 pm)


At Prem we use the extra-curricular management software ‘schoolsbuddy’. This makes it easy for parents, guardians and students to check what Exploria are available, sign up and track attendance. Junior School parents/guardians sign up for their children, while senior school students sign up for themselves.

Dedicated Sporting Centres

Our dedicated Golf and Tennis Centres, along with our ‘Prem FC’ football academy and swim coach offer year round Exploria that hope to take our students up to the next level in these sports. Learn the basics, gain experience and reach even higher with our dedicated and experienced coaches.

Varied Experience

The numerous and varied activities offered at Prem enhance the educational experience.

Some Of Our Exploria Activities Offered

Creativity Exploria

French Club

French club is for students who want to know more about French culture. It is open to beginners who want to learn some French, for intermediate level students who want to have more support with their knowledge of the language and also for advanced students who want to choose and read books and maybe debate.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

Animation and Film

Students will have a choice of learning about and creating Animations or Film. The Animation section will focus on students developing ideas and creating animations. The Film section will will focus on making short documentaries and films.

Board Games

Come out and learn some new board games. The Prem library has an amazing new collection of games. Come on out, learn some games and have a lot of fun.

Music Production

This year’s senior school production will be produced by the Music department.

Action Exploria


Yoga at Prem is an opportunity for students to stretch their limits, develop strength and learn how to relax both mind and body. Yoga has proved to be a very popular choice amongst students; we sweat, laugh, learn, and have fun while practicing to music and receiving yogic discourses throughout the session.


Golf Exploria is an introduction to the game of golf. Each session consists of an hour of after-school golf instruction covering all aspects of the golf swing. Golf clubs and golf balls are provided. Join us at our great facility and enjoy an atmosphere filled with fun and learning.


In Tennis Exploria, students will learn the basics of tennis and participate in various fun games. Advanced players will also be challenged in each session. Tennis rackets are provided.


Students will learn badminton skills and techniques, such as normative serving, backhand. Then students will have time to practice and play badminton with friends.


Draw, aim and shoot. Get better at this great pastime and improve your arm strength.

Muay Thai

Thai Boxing training is an ideal way to challenge children both physically and mentally. There is perhaps no other sport which benefits physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health simultaneously in quite the way that Thai Boxing does. All of our classes are taught by experienced instructors with decades of experience.

Hip Hop Dance

HUG Academy instructors will lead a one hour session in the brand new dance studio at Prem (2nd floor gymnasium). Students will learn moves that are linked to the tunes of Hip Hop music.

Prem Football Club

Prem FC is our football academy helping our players to reach the next level. Whether beginners or more experienced players our students love Prem FC and the training, games and tournaments that go with it.

Ultimate Frisbee

Learn the basics of the game of Frisbee®: throwing, catching, pivoting, cutting to open spaces—all good skills for other team sports too. Have fun with friends and help each other get better at this great game.

Chess Club

Chess Club exists to allow students to learn and enjoy chess while experiencing healthy competition and team spirit. Chess is used to develop critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and competitive maturity. Chess is a fun game that incorporates many aspects of the IB learner profile: knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, communicators.

Service Exploria

Hand 2 Paw

Students will visit local temples and help with bathing and socializing of temple dogs. Students will learn how to empathize with the dogs, treat minor wounds, look for ticks, do some fundraising to pay for sterilization and medical care, develop compassion for how many dogs are treated, and give treats.

Student Council

Student Council will be responsible for deciding and voting on issues and will represent their peers and communicate their ideas to school administration. In addition, they will plan fun activities and events.

Operation Smile

Develop your creative, collaborative and organisational skills whilst supporting Operation Smile Thailand, part of the largest cleft lip/cleft palate charity in the world. We will be planning and running new events as well as some old favorites such as Haunted House and Pie Day to raise money to provide free surgery to children suffering from clefts – healing smiles and changing lives.

Sustainability Action

Students will work on improving areas of sustainability in the school. This will include setting up and running the second hand uniform shop, improving awareness of sustainable issues and improving the overall campus sustainability.

Cub Scouts

Prem Cub Scouts pack has been formed recently giving our students the chance to have fun and new experiences that are centered around the ‘Scout Law’. The motto of the Cub Scouts is “Do you best”.