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A word from our Early Years Principal

For powerful learning to take place, children must be comfortable; student well-being is of primary importance to us. We provide a caring, safe, child-centred environment where children feel secure to explore, learn and make sense of their world. Early Years at Prem is a special place for children who spend time each week in our world-class outdoor education program held at our organic farm and Forest School.

Our Early Years approach is Reggio Emilia inspired. This means that our teachers see children as capable learners who can explore and discover the world around them. They believe that children learn best through play-based, hands-on experiences and when they have a say in what they learn. They focus on the individual child and value their ideas and interests. They use art, nature and projects to encourage children's curiosity and creativity. 

Our safe and inspiring environment nurtures positive relationships and promotes happiness, confidence, independence, and caring citizens of the world. Our teachers and parents work together to support our children's learning. 

Justin Jarman
Early Years Principal

Justin Jarman, Early Years Principal

Forest School:
A Journey of Discovery and Learning


We believe that nature provides an extraordinary learning environment for children of all ages. That is why we have embraced the Forest School methodology as an integral part of our Junior School program. From Early Years to Grade 1, we take our students out to the forest once a week, encouraging them to explore, discover and connect with the natural world around them.

The Forest School at Prem is not just about spending time outdoors. It is a unique approach to education that fosters creativity, resilience, self-esteem and confidence in our students. By allowing children to take risks and make their own choices, we empower them to become more independent and self-aware.

Some benefits of our Forest School program are:

  • Provides an opportunity for children to learn in an environment that stimulates all their senses.

  • Supports the development of gross and fine motor skills, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness.

  • Presents a multitude of physical challenges and the children learn to negotiate these obstacles with confidence.

We use the Forest School program to support the grade units of inquiry. Our Forest School leader works with the homeroom teachers to create learning experiences that are relevant, engaging and meaningful for the students.

Over the years, our Forest School area has developed into a vibrant and exciting outdoor classroom. We have created a space that is both safe and stimulating for our students. We have added natural features such as a pond, a flower alley, a fruit tree area and a bug hotel, which provide opportunities for the students to learn about biodiversity and sustainability.

The Forest School program at Prem is an exceptional learning experience that enriches the lives of our students in countless ways. It allows them to explore the natural world, develop new skills and knowledge, and foster a deep connection with the environment around them. As we continue to develop our Forest School area, we look forward to providing even more opportunities for our students to learn and grow.

A group of Early Years students looking at a frog that the Forest School teacher is holding in his hands.
A group of early Years students with watering cans watering the plants they have planted in the Forest School