University Guidance

University Guidance

Career counselling helps students assess factors that influence their future such as educational attainment, personality, interests, values, aptitudes, work experience and parental expectations.

A Note from the Careers & College Counselling Team


Career planning can be a daunting and challenging task for students and their parents; the Career and College Counsellor at Prem is there to help in this process and make it more manageable. I will help students to understand and examine the various factors that influence future career development and choices. These factors include things such as educational attainment, personality, interests, values, aptitudes, work experience and parental expectations.

Career counselling does not tell students what they should do, rather the counsellor is someone to talk to about thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns about career and educational choices. I am there to help students sort out, organise, and make sense of these thoughts and feelings. The process is a collaborative one as I work together with students and parents to provide personalised advice, guidance and support. It facilitates the process of students locating resources and sources of information and provides answers they have not been able to find themselves.

Support is provided through different means including 1:1 interviews, group sessions, psychometric tests and the opportunity to meet university and college admissions tutors. Ensuring up to date university, college and labour market information is available is the key to enabling students to make realistic, informed decisions for the future.

The careers and college office will communicate with universities, colleges and employers from around the world, advocate for students if required and arrange the necessary information, documentation, transcripts and recommendations to meet the needs of each individual student and institution.

Dawn Parry and Jurairat Narajitt (Ju)
Careers & College Counsellor


University Offers 2021: Prem Success!

The class of 2021 was very successful in receiving offers from highly selective universities around the world. Students from Prem have accepted places at a very diverse range of universities including King’s College London, University College London(UCL), University of St Andrews, University of British Columbia, New York University, and the University of Toronto, Mahidol University International College.

The Prem Class of 2021 also received offers from:

King’s College London, University of London, UCL (University College London), Durham University, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Manchester, University of Southampton, University of Warwick, University of York, University of Bath, University of St Andrews, University of Surrey, Birkbeck University of London, University of Brighton, University of Reading, Oxford Brookes University, University of Huddersfield, University of Plymouth, Liverpool John Moores University, Ravensbourne University, University of Leeds, University of Chichester, Middlesex University, Manchester Metropolitan, Bournemouth University, University of Kent, Bath Spa University, Liverpool University, Newcastle University,  Canterbury Christchurch University, Keele University, Solent University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Sussex, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Western Australia, University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Guelph, University of Victoria, UCSD, University of San Francisco, Instituto Maringoni, Paris, University of Birmingham, University of Nottingham, Penn State University, University of Washington, University of California San Diego, University of California Davis, University of California Santa Barbara, University of California Irvine, California College of the Arts, School of the Arts Institute Chicago, IFA Paris, Polimoda Milan, SIM Global, Glion, Maastricht University, University College Roosevelt, Vrije University of Amsterdam, University College Utrecht, University of Groningen, Kasetsart University, Bangkok University, Silpakorn University, Temple University Japan, Ritsumeikan University, Università Cattolica del sacro cuore (Milan), Università di Padova.

Event Highlights

Numerous events take place through the year including Annual Careers, University and College Fair and seminar programme. There are Individual university presentations and attendance at external presentations in Chiang Mai. Please see more below.

Finding Answers

Career planning can be daunting and challenging. Career counseling helps students find answers to questions. Career counselling does not tell students what they should do. It is about working together and includes parents in the process.

College Counselling

Prem aims to provide each student up to date information and informed self-awareness that leads to high expectations of future achievements and provide an appropriate level of guidance, advice, advocacy and support. Please see more below.

Careers & College Counselling Programme

Careers counseling helps students find answers to questions they may have concerning their future:
  • What field of study should I pursue and how could this affect my future career goals?
  • How do I even decide what my career and college goals are?
  • What if my career goals are different from what my family thinks they should be?
  • Can I change my mind after making my course choices?
  • We aim to give each student the following:
Up to date information and informed self-awareness that leads to high expectations of their future achievements
  • To develop confidence and purpose in their decision making; through the ability of make realistic higher education destination choices and relate these to the first stages of future career planning
  • To provide an appropriate level of guidance, advice, advocacy and support
  • To ensure students develop a university or college portfolio during Grades 10 to 12

Applications to Universities and Colleges Worldwide

Every year students who graduate from Prem go onto universities world-wide. Each country has their own specific application process and timeline which can vary considerably even between institutions. Students must be aware of the country-specific timelines and requirements then adhere to them rigidly to ensure their best possible application is presented before the strict deadline dates.


From G9 all students start planning for their future career and college options by working with the college counsellor and accessing Unifrog, our chosen online guidance program. Students can explore career ideas plus educational and work or training based future choices and even take online courses to prepare for the world of work. Unifrog brings all the available information from universities and colleges around the world into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices, and submit the strongest applications.

Students can also share this information with parents and their online account can be accessed anywhere.

Extra test requirements

Our aim is to help students become best informed about all their options and choices to enable them to make realistic choices for the future. Extra test requirements vary depending on country and institutions. We help clarify whether students need to provide evidence of their English proficiency for their particular applications.

English proficiency test results such as IELTS or TOEFL depending on country of application. If SAT tests are required for USA applicants these are administered at school.

We are also a registered Cambridge Assessment Centre so students are able to sit examinations for specialist courses such as Medicine, Law or Oxbridge entry.

Careers and Employment in the Future

The ‘world of work’ is changing constantly and more rapidly than ever before. This video gives a good overview of how the future may look for today’s students. Given this pace of change it is vital that students are prepared for life outside of school and our guidance and counseling programme aims to successfully do this.

College Board

Prem aims to provide each student up to date information and informed self-awareness that leads to high expectations of future achievements and provide an appropriate level of guidance, advice, advocacy and support.

Collegeboard Site


UCAS –  The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is a UK-based organisation who operate the  application process for British universities.

UCAS site

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