College and Careers counselling helps students assess factors that influence their future such as educational attainment, personality, interests, values, aptitudes, work experience and parental expectations. 

Meet our College and Careers Counsellors:

Dawn Parry
Head of Higher Education and Careers Counselling

Jurairat Narajitt
College and Careers Counsellor (Thailand)

Dawn Parry, Head of College and Career Counselling
Ju Narajit, College and Careers Counsellor Thailand


Welcome to our College & Careers Counselling Programme. The team in the College Office provides personalised guidance and support to assist your child in navigating the difficult decision-making process of choosing a career path and college. We focus on assisting students in setting high expectations for their future accomplishments and guiding them through the early stages of career planning. Our approach is tailored to their specific needs, and we provide guidance, advice, advocacy and support to ensure that your child is prepared to succeed.

Starting in grade 9, all students begin to plan for their future careers and college options with the help of the college counsellors and Unifrog, our preferred online guidance programme. Unifrog gathers all available information from universities and colleges worldwide into a single, unbiased, user-friendly platform to assist students in making the best decisions and submitting the strongest applications. Unifrog's website can be found at:

We also place a strong emphasis on developing your child's university or college portfolio from Grades 10 to 12. This ensures that they have an accurate record of their achievements and experiences to show potential colleges and employers. You can be confident that your child will receive the necessary assistance and resources to achieve academic and professional success. The College Office prepares all documentation and maintains student records to assist in future university applications. We also help with any external testing requirements, such as IELTS and the SAT.


Our goal is to provide students with information about all of their options and choices so that they can make informed decisions in the future. Throughout the year, numerous events take place at Prem, including the Annual College, Careers, and University Fair, and seminar programme, where we are joined by universities and subject specialists from all over the world. Individual university visits regularly take place, and attendance at external presentations and fairs is also available in Chiang Mai. The College Office team keeps students and parents informed of all upcoming events and opportunities. We are available to advise all students and families in both the Junior and Senior School.

Senior School student talking with college representatives at Prem's annual College and Careers Fair
Three Senior School students holding college brochures and talking together at Prem's annual College and Careers Fair