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Top boarding school Chiang Mai. Beautiful, safe, well equipped campus, outstanding teachers, excellent exam results. One of the best boarding schools in Asia

Welcome to Boarding at Prem

Prem Tinsulanonda International School is a leading IB world boarding and day school that aims to support and encourage students to become well-rounded individuals who are independent, confident and respectful young people. Prem International School is currently home to over 153 boarding students and 18 boarding members of staff. Our community is continually growing and the diverse range of experiences, personalities, talents and cultures ensure that living in boarding at Prem is wonderful and unique.

The professional boarding staff are committed to creating an environment where every student feels happy and safe. The boarding community support students to improve their social skills and provide them with a sense of community and responsibility.

Welcome From our Director of Boarding

I have lived and breathed Boarding for my entire teaching career, I know the transformative power of being part of a boarding community. I have experienced first-hand how impactful and important effective pastoral care can be. Prem has a truly stunning campus and to board in such a beautiful, well resourced and safe environment is an amazing opportunity for any young person.

The special atmosphere at Prem is tangible and there is no doubt that with the House and Boarding ethos, the sense of united and caring community within the school, and focus on the potential of each individual in our care. Prem Boarders exemplify our mission to produce compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens.


Linda Buck
Director of Boarding

Boarding at Prem promotes and nurtures the development of students in becoming:
  • Caring, co-operative and committed to each other, the school and their studies
  • Tolerant, understanding, self-disciplined and responsible
  • Respectful of others’ beliefs, belongings and backgrounds
  • Good communicators, listeners, supportive and inclusive
  • Independent within a community structure
  • Skilled in leadership; with an understanding of actions and consequences

In our International boarding school, residential students live and learn from each other by bringing together different cultures, religions and ethnicity.

Flexible Boarding Options

Boarders can participate in a special weekend boarding programme that includes activities and study sessions, closely linked to the school’s academic programmes. At Prem, we have developed a range of flexible boarding options which reflect the varying needs of our community.

Boarding Staff

Linda Buck, Director of Boarding

Linda Buck is the Director of Boarding. She leads a very experienced team who aim to make the experience of Boarding at Prem joyful, educationally rigorous and character defining.

Boarding Parents

Prem’s Boarding Parents are also Heads of our four Houses: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. They work in a team with the Deputy Heads of House as well as their Boarding Assistants.  Boarding Parents have responsibility for up to thirty students, although our Boarding numbers are much smaller during this period. They are responsible for the day-to-day care of their students, in addition to all communication between school and parents.

Boarding Assistants

The Boarding Assistants are important members of our boarding community at Prem; they support and encourage all boarding students to achieve their full potential. They assist the Boarding Parents to ensure students are happy living within the boarding community. All Boarding Assistants reside within the boarding community and are available if students require support. All are responsible and respected male and female staff who are a valuable support to the Boarding Parents, and ensure optimal functioning of boarding at Prem.

Khun Nong

Khun Nong is instrumental in the organisation of all boarding students; she is the Secretary to the Director of Boarding whilst also corresponding with the Parents, Guardians, Boarding Staff and Students and assisting with any Thai translations. K. Nong supports students with day-to- day needs, pocket money, contingency accounts, bank accounts and ATM card organisations and travel bookings/arrangements.

Boarding Staff Contact Information

Linda Buck
Director of Boarding
Email: dirboarding@ptis.ac.th

Khun Nong
Secretary to Director of Boarding
Phone: +66 (0) 53 301 474 Email: secretaryboarding@ptis.ac.th

Routine, Activity, Facility

Monday – Thursday
7:00Wake-up: students are woken up and prepare themselves for the day ahead
7:45All students must be signed in and then make their way to the cafeteria for breakfast.
8:15School begins
15:00School ends
15:15 – 17:15Students have Exploria activities, others have free time to socialise.
EXPLORIAStudents must complete their Exploria programme G3 – G8 have four sessions a week, Grade 9 and Grade 10 have 3 and Grade 11 students have 1. Some Exploria programmes run on a Saturday.
18:00Dinner in the cafeteria – compulsory for all boarding students.
18:00Junior activity time – A member of the boarding team will conduct activities and be responsible for the junior school students.
18:30Senior prep-time – All senior school students complete supervised prep.
20:00Junior students return from their activity time to have showers and get ready for bed.
20:20Juniors devices are locked away and they have ten minutes relaxation time before lights out.
20:30Juniors Lights Out.
20:00Prep ends for Grade 6 and 7.
20:30Prep ends for Grade 8 – 12.
20:45Weekly meetings for all students and staff on duty, day depends on clusters.
21:00Lock up of devices for Grade 6 and 7 students.
21:30Lights out for Grade 6 and 7 students.
22:00All students must remain in their apartments for the rest of the evening.
22:00Lock up all devices for Grade 8 – 10.
22:30Lights out – Grade 8 – 10. Ensure main living area lights and main bedroom lights are off for 11 and 12 students however, study lights and bedroom lamps can remain on.
23:00Lights out – Grade 11 and 12.
Friday Afternoon / Evening
No dinner check in on Friday
No prep on Friday
18:00Juniors activity time – with a member of the boarding team until 20:00pm.
18:00 – 21:00Senior Students Restaurant or Shopping Trip (not every Friday)
**Published the week in advance; students will sign up – activities will occur between 18:00 and 21:00.
Friday night Activity
20:00Junior students return from their activity to have showers and get ready for bed.
21:00Juniors lights out. Lock up of devices for Grade 6 and 7 students.
22:00Grade 8 – 12 students must remain in their apartments for the rest of the night.
No lock-up for students in grade 8 – 12.
22:30Lights out – Grade 8 – 10.
24:00Lights out – Grade 11 and 12.
7:30Breakfast at the Cafeteria (optional)
9:00Wake-up grade 3 – 10.
10:00Saturday morning activities commence for grade 3 – 10.
ExceptionsGrade 11 and 12 are not required to participate.
12:00Lunch-time at the cafeteria. Devices unlocked for grade 4, 5, and 6.
Trips and Weekend ActivitiesPublished the week in advance; students will sign up – trips will usually occur between 12:00 – 22:00.
18:00Dinner (optional)
20:20Devices locked up for juniors.
22:00All students to their rooms. Devices locked up for Grade 6 and 7 students.
No lock-up for students in grade 8 – 12.
22:30Lights out for grade 6 and 7 students
24:00:00Lights out for grade 8 – 11.
8:00 – 11:00Breakfast (optional)
Students are allowed to sleep in
9:00 (depending on Church location)Church van (optional)
12:00Lunch at cafeteria. Unlock devices for grade 4, 5 and 6.
Trips and Weekend ActivitiesPublished the week in advance; students will sign up – trips will usually occur between 12:00 – 20:30.
18:00Dinner in cafeteria (compulsory for all)
18:30Room inspections.
** Weekly lock-up procedures commence on Sunday **

Boarding students up to Grade 11 are required to participate in the after-school co-curricular programme called Exploria from 15.15 to 17.15.

Many different activities are offered each term and may include football, swimming, track and field, basketball, performing arts, writer’s workshop, Hand-to-Paw temple outreach and many other challenging and rewarding pastimes.

Community Service

An important part of life for all boarders is their participation in community service.

Prem International Baccalaureate students work with children from several local orphanages or women’s shelters, with neglected temple dogs, with remote mountain hill tribe villages and more nearby local schools.

The Prem Charity Run and the Four Seasons Resort Cancer Care Charity Fun Run are two further examples of the community outreach done by Prem boarding students.

Weekend Activity Programme

Every weekend there are a variety of activities available to all boarding students. On Saturday there are compulsory activities for all Grades 3 – 10 students and optional for Grades 11 – 12 students. This program varies and may involve yoga, archery, fitness, golf, Young Chef, soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, badminton, cricket, farm activities, or helping in Boarding Bites – the student-run café.

On weekends the boarders have many opportunities to participate in a variety of trips around Chiang Mai province, students are given the opportunity to go to restaurants, museums, exhibitions as well as outdoor activity trips such as ziplining and rafting.

Our boarding activities involve many cultural visits to a variety of Chiang Mai’s Temples, the Royal Palace and gardens and wildlife parks. As our IB World School is located in northern Thailand, the boarders also enjoy many of the local festivals including Loy Krathong, Songkran, the International Kite Festival, Floral Exhibitions, concerts and dance festivals.

Our weekend activities are wide and varied – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Swimming Pool

Students are not allowed in the swimming pool without a life-guard present. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Fitness Room

Grade 10, 11 and 12 students who would like to train in the fitness room unsupervised, must be certified to use the equipment and be in a group of three students (minimum).

Athletics Track and Sports Fields


Indoor Basketball, soccer and volleyball court facilities and sporting equipment available to all boarding students to enjoy during their spare time.

Academic Support

Boarding school students at Prem have great opportunities to further their education out of the classroom with:

  • Supervised study sessions in the evenings and on weekends
  • Access to academic staff after school hours when requested
  • After-school programs offering diverse activities
  • An activity program that includes educational, cultural and fun activities every weekend
Prep Roster

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings starting at 18:30, grade 6 – 12 students complete study/prep time. An academic member of staff is assigned to supervise a grade level and support students with any of their academic needs.

Start and Completion of Term Attendance

Important Notice regarding attendance at the start and completion of each term.

All boarding students must make their travel arrangements so that they are at school until the last day of term.

Students are required to return to Prem the day before term starts. This allows enough time for students to settle back into their rooms, unpack and be well rested and ready for classes the following day. If students need to arrive back on campus early permission must be granted in advance from the Director of Boarding as boarding staff supervision will have to be arranged.

If your son/daughter is required to leave early or return late, please notify the Director of Boarding or the Boarding Secretary to ensure that permission is granted for academic leave from Principals and the classroom teachers are notified. If your son/daughter has to leave early or come back late, then they will be marked as absent.


Students are accommodated in separate clusters dependent on age and gender. Boarding students range from grade 3 to grade 12. Students are prohibited from entering an apartment of the opposite sex. There are Boarding Parents and Boarding Mentors living in all clusters. Each Boarding Parent is responsible for approximately thirty students. The Director of Boarding also lives within the boarding clusters and has the overall responsibility to ensure the welfare of all boarding students whilst monitoring consistency between both girls and boys boarding.

Student are put into pairs and allocated to a particular apartment in one of the three boarding clusters. Each tower has been named after a character of the Ramayana. Students are encouraged to bring some personal belongings to make their rooms feel warm and welcoming.

Students have access to the internet in their apartments until bedtime. Every evening laptops, mobile telephones and any additional devices are secured in lock-boxes to ensure valuables are safe and that students do not have access to their devices after lights out.

Items to Bring

Students must ensure to bring the following items:

  • Clothing (casual and uniform)
  • Toiletries
  • Quilt (a temporary blanket can be requested)
  • Towels
  • Lock (for valuables in your bedside table)


  • A bed sheet
  • Pillow
  • Pillow case
  • Drink bottle
  • Bedside table
  • Wardrobe
  • Desk
  • Uniform

The school uniform will cost approximately THB 5,000. The school has a well-stocked uniform shop located at the front of the school. Most school uniform items can be purchased directly from the shop on arrival at the school. Students’ name labels will be sewn on their uniforms by Housekeeping staff, but all other clothing should be labeled when students arrive at school.


Two Laundry baskets are provided to all boarding students. It is the student’s responsibility to deliver their laundry with a completed receipt of what they have submitted to be cleaned. Laundry staff will assist with labelling your clothes with your identification number to assist with tracking any missing laundry.

Girls submit their laundry on:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

Boys submit their laundry on:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

The cafeteria caters for all boarding students for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. A variety of options are available at each meal time, they including vegetarian, meat, seafood, salad and rice/noodle dishes as well as fruit and desserts offered following every meal.

Prem International School caters for staff and students with any special dietary requirements. Please inform the Director of Boarding if you have any specific dietary requirements.


From Sunday to Thursday boarding students have sandwiches, fresh fruit and milk available in each cluster when they return home after school.


Students are strongly encouraged to bring their bikes, or purchase one in Chiang Mai, for use in their spare time on the school campus. There may also be occasions when students will be allowed to ride their bikes under supervision off-campus. Helmets are to be worn at all times. Students are encouraged to lock their bikes when they are not in use. These are kept in the bike shelters located near the boarding clusters


Stationary items required for school can be purchased from the stationary store next to the senior school office. The supplies you require can be purchased using your contingency account.

Electrical Devices

Laptops and desktop computers are very good educational learning tools and students are encouraged to bring them and to use them. Students will also have online access in the library.

  • Students will be monitored in their use of computers on non-school related tasks
  • Time to play computer games will be restricted
  • Computer hacking is illegal and surfing inappropriate web sites is banned
  • Students are not allowed to load any software onto school computers
  • All students are expected to sign an IT Agreement on entry to the school
  • All computers must have appropriate anti-virus software installed. If this is not done, it will be installed at the school with the cost being billed to the student
  • The school will take all reasonable care to look after them but it is recommended that you insure your child’s computer
  • Student apartments have internet access and students will be issued with their own Prem e-mail account
Student Birthdays

We ensure that all boarding students receive a gift on their birthday. If parents wish us to arrange a dinner or birthday cake for the student, then an email or call to K. Nong will ensure that this happens.

Services and Policies

Medical Care for the Boarding Students
Boarding Nurse

A rotation of on-duty nurses sleep on campus according to a roster which ensures that boarders always have a nurse on call at all times, 24/7. If a student is sick during the day, then the student can remain back in their apartment where a nurse will monitor them. If a student is admitted to hospital a nurse will stay in the hospital room with the student throughout their stay. The boarding nurses also hold a clinic every evening for the students, and keeps a data base of relevant information about the student.

Medical Services

Prior to the arrival of your child all relevant medical information, which will assist us in providing the best possible care for your child, must be completed in the Application Form. This information is confidential and stored in the Medical Center.

Student Medical Insurance

The school has negotiated a comprehensive medical insurance package with Bupa Blue Cross, a global health insurance company. It is compulsory for all boarding students to join this Medical Scheme which costs THB 9,000 per annum and is included in boarding school fees.

Medical Centre

Prem has a fully-equipped Medical Centre, which is staffed from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Our qualified nursing staff live on campus and are on-call 24 hours a day. If students wish to attend the Medical Center during school hours they need to gain permission from a teacher and then sign out with the Senior School Secretary.

Hospital Visits

On occasion our students do need to make a hospital visit. When this occurs, a member of staff will generally accompany the student to their appointment. Parents are notified by the Nursing staff or a Senior member of the boarding staff, usually by email. If the hospital visit is of an urgent nature, parents will be contacted immediately. Any student who is admitted to hospital for an overnight stay is accompanied by a boarding staff member. There are several excellent hospitals in Chiang Mai. We have included their websites and phone numbers for your information.

Bangkok Hospital (+66 52 089 888)
Chiang Mai Ram 1 Hospital (+66 53 224 861)
Lanna Hospital (+66 53 999 777)

Contingency Account

This account is for a variety of things such as: weekly pocket money, school events, visa renewal, dental appointments, airport departure tax, passport renewal, transport requests (request organized by student) and school uniform. Parents are asked to deposit THB 20,000 into this account. When the account balance drops below THB 5,000 the Boarding Secretary will email parents requesting additional funds.

Pocket Money

Students weekly allowance is set by parents and is normally approx. THB 500. The Boarding Secretary distributes this money each Friday afternoon.


There is a Bangkok Bank ATM at the main school entrance. The Boarding Secretary can arrange for an ATM card following students arrival and parents can monitor the use of this account.


Upon arrival at school students must give their passport to their Boarding Parent with any forward travel tickets. All passports will be locked away safely until they are needed.


Please apply for a non-immigrant visa – coded ‘ED’ (valid initially for 90 days) at the Thai Embassy/​Consulate Office in your child’s country. To do this you will need a Letter of Intent from the Prem Tinsulanonda International School confirming enrolment. This letter will be sent once your child has been accepted and enrolled at Prem. The School will apply for Thai visas for boarding students.  All day students with resident local families must apply directly themselves.

The parents of any boarding student who changes status and becomes a day student will be required to complete their own applications for renewed student visas, although the Personnel Department will be pleased to offer guidance on how applications may be effected. Please note that all foreigners staying in Thailand must report their residential address to the Thai Immigration Office every ninety (90) days.

If there are problems with the Embassy or Consulate in your country, you should contact our visa team on premvisa@ptis.ac.th or phone: +66 53 301500 ext 6006 or 6020​


Medical – Boarding students are covered with basic medical insurance – BUPA. Please refer to the Medical Centre section of the school website for further information.

General – It is recommended that expensive items (phones, laptops, cameras etc.) are engraved with the student’s name and that parents keep a record of the make, model, serial number and a digital photograph of each item in case a claim for a loss or damage needs to be made.


All boarding students must make their travel arrangements so that they are at school until the last day of term. Students are required to return to Prem the day before term starts. This allows enough time for students to settle back into their rooms, unpack and be well rested and ready for classes the following day. If students need to arrive back on campus early, permission must be granted in advance from the Director of Boarding as boarding staff supervision will have to be arranged.

If your son/daughter is required to leave early or return late, please notify the Director of Boarding or the Boarding Secretary to ensure that permission is granted for academic leave from Principals and the classroom teachers are notified. If your son/daughter has to leave early or come back late, then they will be marked as absent.

Rights and Responsibilities
Student Rights

Each student has the right:

  • To a secure and peaceful environment
  • To have sporting, creative and outdoor opportunities
  • To have a voice in how the school community operates
  • To study in a challenging and supportive academic program
  • To develop leadership skills in a positive environment
  • To live free from harassment, bullying and victimization from others
  • To have protection, care and tolerance from others
Student Responsibilities

All students are members of the school community and therefore while at school must:

  • Treat other students with respect
  • Avoid offensive language
  • Be sensitive and respectful of the beliefs and customs of others
  • Be honest in all matters
  • Be inclusive and not exclusive in social groups and language use
  • Help maintain a secure, pleasant and peaceful environment
  • Participate in sporting, creative and outdoor programs to the best of their ability
  • Develop leadership skills by taking initiatives in the academic, sporting, CAS and/or outdoor programs
  • Participate in and support the school’s service program
  • Respect themselves and their own future by avoiding any substance abuse, and not place other students at risk
  • Study and develop their own potential to the best of their ability
  • Be present at school and in all scheduled classes and activities for the duration of the school day
  • Not participate in inappropriate sexual behaviour
Boarding Reward System
Positive BehaviourReward
When a student shows to be a positive member of the boarding community. e.g. Offering assistance to someone in need.This behaviour should always be recognised with praise by the member of staff present.
When a student makes a significant contribution within the boarding community:Public recognition
  • Demonstrating exceptional or repeated kindness, support etc.
Public recognition
  • Is a reliable or positive member of the boarding community
  • Public recognition
  • Represents the community in a positive light
  • Public recognition
  • Organises an event supporting the community
Personal Recognition
A letter or email may be sent home to family to recognise this positive behaviour shown by the student.
When a student regularly offers excellent support and continually contributes positively to the boarding community (as above).Students will receive a certificate and gift voucher* at the end of term if selected.
This student has been an exceptional member of the boarding community over the duration of the year.This award is presented to an outstanding student for their contributions to boarding over the year. This is a highly respected award for outstanding achievement.
‘Boarder of the Year Award’This recognition of achievement will be kept on record for possible future leadership roles.

* Gift voucher – this will be presented to a deserving student and the voucher will utilise the facilities at Prem e.g. Massage at the spa, dinner at Krapood, Thai cooking course etc.

Consequence System
Inappropriate BehaviourConsequence
  • Make bed
  • Extreme untidiness = red tag/apartment locked
  • Take the trash out
  • Room and apartment cleanliness/tidiness
Late or absent attendance/sign-in
  • 1st time – a warning (warning cleared termly)
  • Subsequent times – boarder to discuss with boarding parent. An email may be sent to parents.
  • Breakfast must report before 7:45am
  • 1st time – warning
  • 2nd time – 1 night early lock up*
  • 3rd time – 5 nights early lock up*
  • Dinner must report before 18:10pm
  • 3rd time and any additional times – early lock up*
Late return to van whilst on a trip
  • 1st time – a warning (cleared termly)
  • 2nd time a student will be grounded from the following weekend trips.
Keeping second device at night time
  • 1st time confiscation (one week)
  • 2nd time confiscation (one term)
Inappropriate language used.
  • 1st time a warning – staff will ask for appropriate language and an apology.
  • 2nd time report to Boarding Parent.
Serious offencesReport to the Director of Boarding.

If a student continues to refuse to comply with the boarding expectations further action will be taken. The Director of Boarding will be contacted and a variety of options will be discussed to support this individual. e.g. time management courses, organizational programs, counseling or support sessions.

Support for Parents of Boarding Students

Regular Contact with DOB

The Director of Boarding is available in term time, and is contactable during the school breaks. A general letter is sent to all parents of boarders from the Director of Boarding during term time, but she is available and very happy to have a conversation with parents either by Skype or email.

Boarding Parents will be in contact with parents with day to day issues that need discussion.

Parent School Community (PSC)

Prem school has an active Parent School Community organisation (PSC) and all parents are invited to participate in the activities of the association when their travels allow them to be available.

Parent Teacher Conference

The school holds parent-teacher conferences several times each year. The dates are shown in the School Calendar. Parents are always welcome to attend, although if they are unavailable a boarding member of staff will represent any parents who cannot be there. Staff will then pass on any relevant comments made during the conference to parents.

Grade Level Leader

In the senior school there are three Grade Level Leaders. One for Grade 6 – 8, one for G9-10 and one for Grade 11-12. These Grade Level Leaders are the link between the teachers and the boarding staff for information on the academic progress of boarding students.

Guardianship, Visitors Rules and Traidhos Residence

Parents and guardians are very welcome to visit however they should contact Boarding Parents or the Director of Boarding prior to visiting to arrange any details. Upon arrival they should contact a member of boarding staff who is on duty if they would like to enter a boarding apartment.

Boarders are welcome to arrange ‘sleep-overs’ with day students from school. If boarding students would like to invite friends to stay they must obtain permission from the Boarding Parents or Director of Boarding and the parents of the friend they would like to have stay.

Traidhos Residence

The Traidhos Residence is located on Prem school campus. Please see traidhos-residence.com.



Prem Tinsulanonda International Boarding School has thirteen security guards who work in shifts for 24 hours a day. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises unless they are with a staff member, parent or guardian or have parental permission.

All visitors to Prem must register at the front gate and will be required to provide photo identification. Visitors are then issued with a Visitors Pass.

To assist in this procedure it is advised that all parents have their photo taken for a parent pass. This can be done in the Admissions Office. This will then allow you through the gate in a more expeditious manner.

Security guards work 24/7 around the school campus and are located in the boarding clusters area. Staff reside in the apartments on the lower floors, this ensures that there are staff available at all times.

Campus Departure

Boarding students may not leave campus unless accompanied by a member of staff or guardian. Older students can request unsupervised leave, if their request is approved by parents and boarding staff they are allowed to depart from campus. Checks will be made on the guardianship for these leaves.

Fire and Evacuation Procedure

Each of the Boarding clusters are fitted with a fire security alarm. Practice evacuations drills and lock-down drills are held each year. All boarding staff are trained in the appropriate response to security and safety drills.

Flexible Boarding

Our boarding apartments offer flexible boarding options for students from Grade 3 – Grade 12. Currently there are students from more than thirty different countries studying IB programmes at Prem.

Our private boarding school includes an innovative boarding curriculum delivered by dedicated and qualified staff. A warm, homely atmosphere fosters family care and values in a safe environment, for students of all levels of ability and all interests, who are interested in pursuing international study abroad.