Prem: Leading the Way in Clean Air



Prem's Classroom  Air


Equipping classrooms, common areas, fitness, and sports halls with powerful CleanFlow systems has allowed us to achieve near-zero AQI values on the worst-polluted days, even during challenging atmospheric conditions like the Chiang Mai smoke season. The CleanFlow system filters outside air and maintains increased pressure inside classrooms, which  prevents dirty air from entering, ensuring superior indoor air quality and providing a safe and healthy learning environment.
This reduction in exposure to airborne particles contributes to improved respiratory health, minimising the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria that cause contagious diseases such as COVID-19.

Concentration and Cognitive Performance:

Improved air quality and comfort levels positively influence the cognitive performance and concentration of our students and educators, creating an environment that promotes focus and productivity.

Comfort and Productivity:

Contributing to a comfortable and consistent indoor environment, our positive pressure system positively impacts the overall well-being of students, faculty and staff, fostering a positive and productive learning atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency:

As a WWF Green Flag Eco School, our positive pressure system not only contributes to a healthier environment but also ensures energy efficiency by optimising the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Overall Health and Well-being:

A healthy indoor environment, facilitated by a positive pressure system, contributes to the overall well-being of everyone in our school community, influencing both physical health and psychological well-being.


Prem’s Air Quality System - 3 Key Elements:

Our air quality system comprises three crucial elements - Being Responsible, Monitoring, and Communication. Over 70 AirGradient quality sensors continuously measure CO2 levels, automatically adjusting ventilation rates. AirGradient also provides a regular independent certification of Prem’s indoor environment with detailed analytics and recommendations to ensure that the high standard that Prem sets for itself is consistently achieved. 

We are committed to surpassing WHO air quality targets and integrating air quality into the curriculum. The AirGradient system provides real-time data and independent certification, contributing to our position as a leading school in air quality management.