Zodiac Aerospace facility

Grade 6 students had the fortunate opportunity of touring the Zodiac Aerospace facility on Tuesday, November 14. Zodiac Aerospace is a leader in manufacturing parts and equipment for airlines throughout the world.

During the tour, we had the department leaders explain their role and how it applied to the operation as a whole. We then had a “working snack” where the students followed the lead of “Mr. Pink Shirt”, the Quality Assurance Manager and checked that sample parts were measured accurately using digital vernier callipers.

Following that, we toured the production floor where we saw how sheet metal is cut using laser technology and how parts are made from blocks of aluminium using CNC technology. We then witnessed how the parts are packaged, ready for shipping in a way that ensures the products are kept pristine. Finally, we were treated to a fantastic lunch while we debriefed about the experience.

Thank you to Steve Polaski, grade 6 parent and General Manager at Zodiac Aerospace and his team for this amazing day. Real-world examples are always beneficial for developing learning and inspiring ideas.

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