Zip Lining - A reward for outstanding leadership

The Amazing Race is an annual event coordinated by the boarding and VSP staff, it is held at the Traidhos Three-Generation farm. Various groups were involved including Prem boarding students, young people from Hope House and external group entries.

Prem has developed a strong relationship with Hope House; this is a local children’s home that supports underprivileged tribal children from Northern Thailand. During the Amazing Race event, teams of students from Hope House collaborated with Prem boarding students to complete a variety of activities around the farm. The day was a huge success and most importantly all competitors enjoyed meeting new people, working in teams and completing a variety of challenges.

Once the event concluded, various individuals were nominated and presented with rewards. They had shown excellent leadership qualities during the Amazing Race event.

On November 1, Boarding Mentor Tim took the winners Jaewon, Minwoo, Sersang, Alysha and Yasmin on an exhilarating zip lining adventure through the trees in the north of Chiang Mai. These students were ecstatic to be rewarded with the opportunity to participate in an activity that takes a lot of courage. The students not only supported each other to fly from tree to tree many feet above the ground, they also inspired their supposedly fearless leader, Tim, to overcome his doubts. All of the students displayed great enthusiasm and will undoubtedly continue to grow as young leaders in the community for years to come.

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