Zen Zoo

Thailand is a great stage for experiencing both Eastern and Western cultures. For thousands of years, people have observed the rhythms of nature and have attempted to understand the forces behind the movement of celestial bodies, the rush of the wind or the flow of water.  Over thousands of years, these observations have been woven into ways of life and have formed the basis of systems promoting natural healing. Some of these ancient ideas will be explored in Zen Zoo.

Opening on Saturday 24 September, Zen Zoo will provide workshops to help young people to feel more confident about themselves, to understand better who they are and to develop body awareness. Blending several techniques, Zen Zoo is an innovative method leading students on a creative journey, meeting mythical animals to help them understand themselves more.

Classes will run 0900 – 1030 for 8 Saturdays under the Traidhos Wellness Program in the VSP classrooms.

Material is suitable for 6 – 16-year-olds. The cost is 450THB per session.

For further information and to sign up, please contact mariaconsuelojackson@yahoo.com 

Parents with toddlers interested in a special course should contact mariaconsuelojackson@yahoo.com 


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