Young Yale Global Scholars

Recently I was in Singapore attending a programme called the Yale Young Global Scholars – Singapore. This was the first YYGS hosted in Singapore making me part of the inaugural group for the programme. The event was hosted at the Yale-NUS campus which resulted in a very modern and immersive experience. 

The programme had many different aspects that were all enjoyable. Every morning began with an interesting lecture with topics ranging from the limits of neuroscience and fMRI to the origins of inequality. Then we went into groups to discuss the lectures. The next part of the day consisted of seminars which we were able choose. I participated in ones ranging from neurolinguistics to a seminar on realism in international relations. 

The other parts of the programme were skill based workshops where we worked on such things as writing and interviews for universities. Our leader for this workshop became a Yale mentor who we can email anytime for the next year for advice. 

Additionally, we had a group project where we had to look at Singapore's development strategies and apply them to a developing nation. We also had a variety of activities including going to a social innovation park in Singapore and a few panel discussions with Yale graduates from whom we could ask advice. 

Overall this experience was very beneficial to me and taught me a great deal about the world and what my future could be. I believe that other Prem students should apply for the YYGS programs in Singapore, Beijing, or New Haven and represent Prem in the programme in the future.  I want to thank A. Nicole and K. Mike from Ace Education USA for the help and support in applying for the program. 

Namejs Rossman
Grade 10 Student

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