"You Supha Betta' Bee on time!"

Today all IEP students had an exciting experience learning outside of the classroom, at our second annual visit to Supha Bee. Supha Bee runs programmes for visiting schools, so they were well prepared for us. What perfect timing to visit this little gem in Mae Rim, as many of our students have been learning about the important rolls bees play in our ecosystem.
We began as we always do, watching a short animation that teaches young learners not to be afraid of bees, and just how important they are to our survival.

This year, before we were spoiled with treats made from honey, students were given the chance to learn how natural soap from honey is made, then they all had a chance to make their own soap. This activity was a complete success, students were totally engaged and eager to take home the finished product.

Once our natural soap mixture was poured, it was snack time! Once again, we were treated to an array of Supha Bee’s finest products; honey lemon drink, honey gelato with bee pollen, and a honey puffed rice snack. These treats are best experienced, as description does them no justice; go to Supha Bee in Mae Rim and see for yourselves, they welcome visitors!

As our soap was drying, this gave us just enough time to visit the bees! The students were mesmerised, a bit taken aback and fearful at first, but it didn’t take them long to open up to the idea that bees are our friends, not enemies. Students exhibited brave risk-taking qualities, some even going as far as holding the bee trays for all to observe. We did our best to spot the Queen Bee, but to a little disappointment, we couldn’t find her.

Imran generally pleased with holding bees!

The bravado of Roberto!

Leo testing the waters; he likes it! Another convert, forging lifelong friendships with bees is fun!

As our time came to a close, students finished up with a trip to the gift shop to stock up on honey and many interesting products made with honey. Another successful day-trip for the IEP students; happy students make for happy teachers, the overall feeling of joy permeated the air. I highly recommend a trip to Supha Bee and look forward to visiting again soon.

Future beekeepers!

Nana with the finished product, natural honey soap for all students in the IEP, the smell was divine!

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