World Cricket League Event Week 1 at the David Buck Oval, Traidhos, Chiang Mai

The first week of the World Cricket League games is drawing to a close with exciting games between Thailand, Bhutan, Bahrain Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and China being played on the David Buck Oval. Officials from the International League have praised the standard of the cricket pitch and players are coming on their rest days to work in the nets.

One rewarding thing in this tournament is seeing two former Prem boarding students proudly playing with the Bhutan team. The boys, Jigme Singye and Thinleu Jamtsho, were part of the original Prem Center Cricket Academy and benefitted from many hours of dedicated coaching with David Buck. Even as Prem students, they played in the Bhutanese youth teams, but it is fantastic to see them playing now as young men. They are delighted to be playing on their “home turf” and have fond memories of their time here.

It has been great to see a few parents and teachers enjoying the play, please come out when you have time.

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