Wonton Soup with Su-Mei Yu at Traidhos Cooking Academy

In January, we were visited by Prem Board member and friend of Traidhos, Su-Mei Yu. Khun Su-Mei is a restaurant owner, author, chef and also the founder of our Cooking Academy. She lives for most of the year in California but she comes to visit Chiang Mai every year.

Khun Su-Mei  knows a lot recipes which are suitable for each grade level because of the ingredients used or the complexity of the cooking techniques. She loves to share her cooking skills and different techniques with both Prem and visiting students. In each class she led, the students learned a lot of cooking tips and had fun with her. She is very kind when she works with students.

This year her visit coincided with the very cold Chiang Mai weather so she created a new recipe, a special wonton soup. It tasted very good and the students really enjoyed learning how to make fresh wontons and then eating them to warm up!

For more information about Traidhos Cooking Academy or to book an adult or family class, see http://cooking.threegeneration.org/

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