Who knew, Panthers can Swim!

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has hit the Prem swimming programme the hardest with our swimmers in P.E and swim training last practising way back in 2019. A full three years later, our students have started back swimming in P.E and training in our after school swim training for Juniors and Seniors. While there was a bit of expected rustiness after such a long break the will and determination of our swimmers was still there, producing some excellent performances at the CMAC swim meets. Our Junior swimmers went out to Lanna school and brought home loads of medals and second place overall,  while our senior swimmers went one better, being crowned the CMAC swim champions for 2022.
The senior swim meet here at Prem and it was great to see so many swimmers enjoying being back in the pool. Well done to all the swimmers and coaches and the great thing is that we will not have to wait too long to do it all over again, with swimming reverting back to its normal spot in season 1 next year.


Thanks to our Coaches: Ajarn Fred, Ajarn Cat, Ajarn Andrew, Ajarn Kaoru and Ajarn Ambika

Lee Stevens

Director of Student Life

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