What is Reach Boarding?

What is Reach Boarding? This is a popular catchphrase of the 2018 term 1 here at PREM Boarding. This is a virtual platform designed to process, connect and bring different parts of boarding together for a much more effective communication basis.

The accessibility is expanded further than students and staff. Parents/guardians will and can have access to this website. It tracks birthdays, personal information, sign-outs, duty reports, roll call/attendance for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the prep times for ALL students in boarding! Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops alike can be used to access content, since the website is launching within PREM this month, it has the opportunity to grow and become a successful way to circulate material/news/data.

In other news: Exploria and weekend activities have begun, The 3D Art Museum is happening this Saturday, August 25th. Fun and Games, mainly Gr. 9/10 students will participate – although we are hoping that throughout the year more students get involved!

As for Study Club, a substantial amount of students are participating eagerly ready to get started with the 2018 Academic Year. Academics are important throughout the week, so it is great to see initiative throughout the weekends!

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