What is GTAC?

The Greater Thailand Activities Conference (GTAC) is a newly-formed activities conference for small- to mid-sized schools in Thailand.

All of the schools in the conference are international schools and range in size from about 400 to about 900 students. The purpose of the conference is to provide affordable opportunities for students of member schools to interact in organised competitive, social and cultural settings.

Who are the members of GTAC?
American School Bangkok – ASB
Bromsgrove International School, Bangkok – BIS
Chiang Mai International School, Chiang Mai – CMIS
Concordian International School, Bangkok – CIS
International Community School, Bangkok – ICS
International School Eastern Seaboard, Chonburi  – ISE
Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai – PTIS
Wells International School, Bangkok – WIS
Who can participate?
U20 teams only, girls and boys, primarily Grades 10-12.  Athletes:  note that when you join a U20 Prem team, it is assumed you agree to participate in the GTAC tournament. If we host the tournament, there’s no extra costs of course, but if we travel, the cost will be about THB 8,000, so plan for this when you sign up for the team.
What is planned for 2014-2015?
Later, we hope to add cultural events, like music festivals, maths competitions and knowledge bowls, but for now we will start with a series of four team-based sports events. These tournaments generally run two full days – Friday and Saturday.
Dates:  10 – 11 October
This is the weekend before October Break
Location:  Concordian International (Bangkok)
Football (7-a-side)
Dates:  31 October – 01 November
This is just one week into the CMAC football season.
Location:  Prem Tinsulanonda International School (Chiang Mai)
or International School Eastern Seaboard (Chonburi)
Dates:  13 – 14 February 2015
Same weekend as Prem U16 Basketball Invitational
Location:  American School of Bangkok (Bangkok)
or Chiang Mai International School (Chiang Mai)
Dates:  02 – 04 April 2015
This is the weekend before April Break
Location:  International Community School (Bangkok)
Note that tournaments are not always at the end of the CMAC season – sometimes they are in the middle. Think of GTAC as just another great competition opportunity and experience.