What happens to the manure on the farm?

People are often curious as to what we do with the animal waste created on the farm. It has different uses.Some is mixed with brown and green materials to make compost. Here it quickly becomes fertile soil. Some is applied directly to the planting beds, often in a deep trough through the center of the bed and the remainder is used to make Naammak moon sugorn. This basically means fertilizer from animal manure.

The farmers put manure in a sack with a tiny hole in it and soak it in a 200 litre barrel full water for twenty-four hours. After twenty-four hours, the manure in the sack will be transformed in Naammak moon sugorn and we can use this liquid to water on vegetable plants to speed the growing process as well as to keep the plants healthy. Any manure remaining in the sack can be used as fertilizer for planting vegetables.

In the future the farm may develop a bio-gas project.

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