What Does it Take to be a Prem House Captain?

This week at Prem International School our students are preparing for our House Captain Elections. So we thought we would ask our Head of Houses what qualities are they are looking for in a House Captain?

Water House  – A great House Captain recognises how scary it is to take a risk and raise your hand, but does it anyway; then they turn around and encourage others to do the same!


Air House – A great Air House Captain is a student who is energetic, engaged, & enthusiastic about making the student experience at Prem a more enjoyable and rewarding journey.


Fire House – A great House Captain is someone who leads by example, is caring and compassionate, inspires others to get involved, and last but by no means least, someone who listens to their other House members.


Earth House –  A great House Captain is one who rises above & beyond for the House, sets high standards and strives to deliver on each promise made to the House. Encouraging strong House spirit, and leading by example .


Good luck to all of our students taking part and we look forward to seeing your election videos next week!



Crispian Waterman

Director of Boarding & House System

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