What a Great Way to End the Term!

Grade 6 English Language and Literature Students spent their last English lesson being creative, under the guidance of best selling author and international media commentator, Ira Trivedi. Ira is working with us via Artist Residency Thailand, Prem’s artist residency and mentoring programme. 

Students met in the library for a brief introduction to “Om the Yoga Dog”, a character created by Ira and currently in development with Cartoon Network. Ira re-introduced the main elements of a story: introduction, conflict, climax and resolution, and challenged the students to collaborate in creating a new tale for “Om the Dog”. To begin the activity, each student stood up to share their individual response to characters they love. 

Students worked in groups on their stories, and then shared them as a whole class, knowing that Ira would be sharing some of their great ideas with producers at Cartoon Network. 

What a great way to end the term! Hopefully students are inspired to meet more characters by reading lots in the holidays!

Sharing our favourite characters and the qualities that make us like them

Meeting “Om the Yoga Dog”

Reviewing the structure of a story

Melanie Dickerson

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