We're All Wonders

“Look with kindness and you will always find wonder.” -R.J. Palacio

Continuing with our focus on kindness, we read the book We’re All Wonders.  The quote at the end, “Look with kindness and you will always find wonder.” sparked curiosity and wonderment in the children.  Some of you may have seen the movie, Wonder, which the children discussed a bit.

While reading the story, we discussed how we have similarities and differences.  We talked about the importance of accepting differences and showing respect and appreciation towards others.  Although most of the children’s conversations with their partner were based on physical similarities and differences, it began to move beyond that.  Our conversation moved into seeing people with “kindness eyes” and trying to appreciate the unique qualities and characteristics of the people around us.

You can see the inquiring happening in these photos and also the pure joy that is on some of the children’s faces when making these simple connections with their peers.

Now, it is your turn to use your kindness eyes and spread some kindness all around!  Give a compliment, initiate a conversation, introduce yourself to someone new in our community.  How can you make a difference in someone’s day today?