Welcomes and Reunions

This year has been very different for new teachers coming to join our wonderful faculty. Those who were lucky enough to already be in Thailand have had an easier journey than those coming from abroad. The Thai government is keeping the country secure by having rigorous procedures in place to ensure Thailand remains a safe and healthy place. This means new teachers coming in have to apply for a Certificate of Entry as well as a visa, and this entails health checks. Then on arrival they have to undergo the 14 day quarantine which entails at least two Covid-19 checks.

However, our new faculty are starting to arrive! On Thursday we welcomed A.Jang (SS Thai), A.Chris ( Director of Prem Music Academy), Miss.Liz (Director of Development,Advancement and Admissions), A.Fred ( Boarding Asst.), A.Kenny (MYP and DP Maths and Physics), A.Max ( MYP and DP Maths and Physics), A.Nichole ( Boarding Asst. and EAL), A.Federica (Deputy Head of House), A.Stewart ( Learning Support) and A.Deirbhle (DP Economics and Business Studies). These teachers were fortunate to already be in Thailand. There will be a more formal introductions nearer the start of term.

We also welcomed little Aura, A.Danielle ( MYP I and S and DP Geography), and her husband A. Daniel. Daniel had just completed his quarantine and will be studying for his PGCE this year. As a qualified firefighter and paramedic he will be invaluable to our community! You will meet him in SS PE lessons as he learns from our excellent PE staff. This family had been apart for six months and it was wonderful to see them reunited.

Daniel is the first faculty member to make it through the entry procedures, and this is the first of many welcome celebrations we will have as our amazing new teachers arrive. Some are already in Thailand and are undergoing their quarantine, others have flights very soon, and others are still securing their Certificate of Entry. The  stoicism, tenacity and resilience shown by our incoming staff is amazing. It will not be long before we are all together here on Prem’s beautiful campus working together to fulfill our mission:

“to act as compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens: working together for a sustainable future and inspired by meaningful relationships, continuous learning and good thinking”.

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