Welcome to our Prem Boarding Community.

Prem is home to many staff and students from a vast variety of countries all over the world. Every day a multitude of languages are spoken and cultural differences are appreciated. We continue to enjoy and embrace the diversity present within our unique environment.

We would like to welcome to the newest members of staff and students to our Prem Boarding community. We have many new boarding students and two new Ajarns who joined us to commence term three.

We hope Chuki, Ziggy, Ping-An, Boss, Stella, Muraad and Pae have enjoyed their first few weeks within our boarding community and we wish you every success throughout your time at Prem International School.

We would also like to extend our warm welcome to Ajarn Juan and Ajarn Jullian. We thank you for the time and care that you have already shown within our community and we wish you both all the best of luck and happiness during your time here in our boarding community.

Written by Ajarn Steph and Ajarn Greg

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