Welcome to EY3!

Welcome to EY3!

We have had a wonderful start to the school year in EY3 and the children have settled in nicely.  This week, we took time to reconnect with friends, explore the learning environment, and share our interests with one another.


There was much fun to be had outside during recess.  The children enjoyed playing in the sand, climbing, swinging, riding bikes, and much more!  Next week, we will be taking our learning outside by going to the farm on Tuesday and also taking time to further develop our senses while exploring nature.

As a class, we started to come up with our Essential Agreements.  Some of the words that kept coming up in conversation included: share, help, be kind, and be nice.  This is a great beginning to our Who We Are unit of inquiry.  Look for a blog post about that in the next few days.  The children worked on a collaborative painting which will be the base of our Essential Agreements in the classroom.  Make sure to ask your child about their contributions to this special painting.

Part of creating a class community is the importance of feeling a sense of belonging.  We took time to add pieces of each individual in EY3 to further create an environment in which the children have ownership of.  The children were invited to create a self portrait which was then displayed in the classroom.  Before drawing, each child took time to look at themselves, noticing their unique attributes.  Come into the classroom to look at the children’s self portraits one day this week.

As we begin a new school year, it is important to think about the goals we have for the year.  The children discussed and reflected on what they feel is important to learn and further develop in EY3.  Each child came up with their “Hopes and Dreams” which were then added to a collaborative woven piece.  This will soon be hung in the center of the classroom as a reminder of what we all hope to strive for in the coming school year.   Parents will also be encouraged to add their “Hopes and Dreams” for their child.


We began inquiring into our Who We Are unit of inquiry while focusing on two questions: “How do you want others to treat you this year?” and “How do you want to treat others this year?”  While focusing on being kind and caring, the children came up with several examples in which they feel are important.  Each child answered those two questions by writing a reflection in their book.  Ask your child to share what they wrote about.

Next week we will continue to inquire into how our actions can have an impact on ourselves and others.  We look forward to having families join the learning journey in EY3!

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