Welcome all Parents & Students to IEP!

This afternoon was full of excitement and emotion as many parents and students, both returning and new, were welcomed to the IEP for our annual Meet the Parents evening.

Our parent/student turn-out grows in number with each passing year, which shows there is exponential enthusiasm in our programme. The IEP is now in its fifth year of operation, and I can say it is with great honour to be directing the programme, having been with the IEP from its birth.

Moms’ saying ‘good-byes’ before leaving their children in the caring hands of our skilled boarding parents.

This year we are excited to welcome seasoned PREM boarding parent, Ajarn Tshering, as part of our IEP team!

Parents are treated to videos of IEP alumni.


We were especially happy to see some returning faces in the IEP from the previous years graduating class. Our motto is ‘IEP is Happy!’ The proof is in our student success; returning parents and students; teachers and staff who all make the IEP a special place to work & learn.

Best of luck to all in the coming academic school year, and for returning students and friends, our door is open to you all the time! I don’t have to say “welcome to visit us” as I know you will all be dropping by soon enough.


A. Casey

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