Wednesday lunch at Prem: a truly special time of the week

Many of us feel like Wednesday is the day of the week that brings us hope – only two more days to go to the weekend and the fun kicks in.  However, for our students, Wednesdays are the days to look forward to. That’s because every Wednesday is Fried Banana Day at the cafeteria. It’s quite common to see our students line up to get a piece of fried banana (or two) which they can smother in vanilla, chocolate or caramel drizzle. Everyone looks forward to this sweet treat mid-week.

Every now and then our students are also surprised on Wednesdays with bowl Khao Soi, a Chiang Mai delicacy. This delicious curry, served over egg noodles, is rich and fragrant.  It is served with tasty condiments such as crunchy pickled greens, sliced shallots, and lime.  Versions are available for both vegetarians and meat-lovers to enjoy.  Our cafeteria at Prem prepares a wonderful version of this dish, and it is one of the most popular meals.

So if you’re ever around Prem on a Wednesday, please stop by to enjoy lunch with our students – just make sure to bring your appetite.  We are sure Wednesday will become your new favorite day!

Students from grade 6S enjoying a bowl of Khao Soi before heading back to class.

A. Steve looks forward to indulging in some fried banana!

Members of our lovely boarding staff happily feasting on Khao Soi.

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