Walk-a-thon - A BIG Thank you to all Involved!

I am writing to thank you all for your support for the G4/5 Walk-a-thon.

This is part of our G4/5 Project-Based Learning unit that is a completely student-driven experience, where the students run the operation and make decisions (in this case) to maximize donations (profits) that go to Hand2Paw. They are learning project management skills as well as teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and kindness. While doing so, they’re also learning about business management: costing, projections, marketing, and price point optimization.

We are excited to announce that these Five Junior school students helped raise 16,858.25 Baht for Hand2Paw! 

These students should be so proud. We couldn’t  have done it without you and especially:

  • Ajarn Amandine and Ajarn Cara for helping with the sales
  • Ajarn Justin and Ajarn Rick for rallying support
  • Ajarn Crispian for leading the march around the track
  • Ajarn Linda for generously donating her time to read to the public
  • Ajarn Richard for writing the book Linda read!
  • Ajarn  Charlotte for helping  as and where she was needed
  • The Library Team’s tremendous help and support
  • The Cooking Academy…WOW, what a great experience!
  • All the people on the Farm for building our stunning tunnel
  • Khun Viroj for all the technical help
  • Ajarn Alex for guidance
  • Prem Marketing for all their support and enthusiasm—and documentation
  • Paul’s parents for the delicious pizzas
  • Pippa and Tiger’s dads for pitching up and get getting stuck in

A special thank you to the PSC for their tremendous support and enthusiasm! They were amazing and ever so helpful.

Thank you all and we will follow this up with a team reflection to carry over to our next project. We will also document where the donations go and how they help the animals.

Cici, Paul, Pippa, Tiger, Yale you made a difference!

Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.
Whole School Director of Teaching and Learning

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