Wacky Wednesday Water Walk

Introducing EY2 and EY3 to their new Unit of Inquiry ‘How the World Works’ – People manipulate water to suit their needs.

Children explored a Wacky Wednesday Water Walk with a range of watery fun activities in which to discover and play. Here are some examples of the inquiry activities that the children participated in and their responses. As you can see in the pictures, a wonderful afternoon was had by all.

How much water can you catch without getting wet?

The ice pool – “It’s freezing!”  Why is the ice changing?  “Because it’s sunny!”

Mixing Bowls – Mixing dry earth with water, flour and sand

“Yucky”, “Stinky”, “It’s chocolate mud pie!”

Whisking and Bubble Pool

“It’s so wet!”  “It’s so slippery!”  “Awesome!”

“Oh no … there’s a muddy puddle at the bottom!”

Anita McCallum
Junior School Principal

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