VSP welcomes a new staff to the team


My name is Tonatiuh Peña Arriaga I am the newest member of the VSP team. I was born in Mexico City living my whole life there; Mexico is an amazing country with a lot to offer like any other Latin-American country such as gastronomy, culture, music and amazing people. I studied university at the EBC getting a degree in Administration of Businesses of Entertainment and Communication and working with groups and companies since 2010. 

Before coming to this new adventure I worked in the UK as an activity instructor in the British Scout Association based in Gilwell Park Activity Centre for one year, where I improved my skills and learned new and different ways of experiential learning.  

One of the reasons I came to Thailand is to meet new people, open my mind to different things, learn and get to know the Asian culture a little bit more and of course get the experience of more different ways of outdoor learning. This is  my first time to be  in Asia and one of my goals during the next two years is to understand the culture and get to see a lot of extraordinary places in this part of the world. 

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