Volunteering in Boarding

Being part of the Boarding community offers various opportunities for students to organise activities and/or support their peers where possible. Some older students use this for their CAS projects and some do so voluntarily because they enjoy assisting others.

Many of the boarding students enjoy playing with the younger members of our community when on trips or in the swimming pool when Hope House visits, playing games in the cluster or reading the junior students a bedtime story.

Some of our students provide additional academic support and tutor IEP students, helping them to develop the basics skills and knowledge for further improvement.

Many students organise movie nights, some volunteer their time to sell food and drinks at sporting matches or in the Boarding Bites cafe; all profits are donated to support meaningful charities within our local community.

Some students choose to work on the recycling project promoting sustainability, others assist their fellow students with training programmes in the gym, or as preparation for the CMAC tournaments.

Boarding students live and learn together in their community, supporting each other to achieve their best whilst also having fun.

A. Igor

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