Visiting the Chickens

When we visited the farm last week, the one thing that the children were a bit disappointed was that they weren’t able to find eggs or hens sitting on them.  And since then, the children had been asking to go back to the farm to see if the chickens have laid any eggs.  Yesterday morning, we went to the farm to check to see if the chickens had laid any eggs since then.  Much to our delight, we found eggs in the chicken coop!!!  Interestingly enough, children knew that the mother chicken sits on the eggs to keep them warm.  We observed the eggs for a while to see if the mother would come back to sit on them, but no hen came back to sit on the eggs.  I then asked the children what they think might happen to the eggs and if there were anything we could do.  Children decided that they would like to bring the eggs back to the classroom to care for them.  But how do we care for the eggs?  We came back to the classroom and read the book, ‘From Egg to Chicken’ and learned about how chicken eggs hatch.  Luckily, we were able to get ahold of a small incubator and put the eggs in it today.  We will be caring for and counting down till when they are scheduled to hatch!  With this, we’ve introduced a new responsibility on our helper chart called the ‘Egg Turner’ where he/she will be turning the eggs from O to X and X to O everyday.  Ask your child about this exciting experience!





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