Visiting Schools Program meets Boarding!

Yesterday evening saw a first social event between a school taking part in the amazing Traidhos VSP and our Prem Boarding students. The girls from Singapore Chinese International School had brought their students to Chiang Mai for a cultural trip as they have just finished sitting their ‘O’ Level examinations.

Aj. Nicole and her team arranged a lovely evening where the girls in the Prem Boarding houses met and played games with the SCIS students, and then relaxed in the new Boarding Lounge to eat and watch the movie ‘Frozen’ ( which sparked much robust singing along – ‘Let it go!’).

It is wonderful to see new initiatives that create more opportunities for forging friendships and cooperation between the various parts of our community, and for building bridges with students and staff from other schools. Our thanks to the students and staff from SCIS for being so open, warm and fun, and to the Prem students for being such good sports and hosts. Particular thanks too the VSP team and the Boarding staff for organising, what we hope, is the first of many such events.

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